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The 15 Hottest Girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, October 16, 2013

mario balotteli girlfriends

Last week we brought you a list of pro athletes with a penchant for patronizing the world’s oldest profession, and among them was Italian soccer superstar Mario Balotelli. A surprise? Well, yes and no. On the one hand, he’s a pretty wild dude who seems to burn the candle at both ends, so the fact that he hooks up with hookers isn’t surprising. On the other hand, the guy “dates” so many really hot women—he’s like the Jeter of Itlay, only less classy—that it’s hard to imagine why he would ever pay for sex.

In any case, in doing a little research concerning Super Mario’s for that list last week, we discovered something rather shocking that somehow escaped our attention: Mario Balotteli is engaged. As in, to be married.

Why is this shocking? Well, let’s just say Mario isn’t exactly known for his excessive faithfulness and loyalty to the women he’s with. And on top of that, he’s still only 23 years old. Could it possibly be that he’s already sowed all his wild Italian oats?

In any case, all of this provided joyous inspiration for today’s list: the 15 hottest girlfriends* of Mario Balotteli. Maybe you’re not a soccer fan, and you don’t care a lick about this guy. But his lady friends are hot. And you do like looking at pictures of hot women, right?

*Obviously, we use the term “girlfriends” so lightly as to render it nearly meaningless. Just go with it. 


15. Jenny Thomas

15 Jenny Thompson (Wayne Rooney's prostitute, 2012) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Since we mentioned Super Mario’s fling with a prostitute in the introduction, we might as well get that one out of the way first: this is her. Her name is Jenny Thomas, and she has also “serviced” Wayne Rooney in a, erm, professional capacity. 

As you will soon discover, Jenny really is the least hot woman on this list. So once again…why, Mario? Do you really have that much trouble figuring out what to do with all your money? Because I’m pretty sure you can donate some of it to charity (like, an organization, not a stripper named Charity) instead of spending it on something you get for free all the time.

I’m just saying.

Okay, now on to the women who slept with Mario Balotelli for free…


14. Eliana Cartella

14 Eliana Cartella (Italian model, September 2012) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Apparently Italian model Eliana Cartella had a fling with Super Mario in September of 2012 that did not end so well. Her biggest complaint? Balotelli doesn’t respect women—you know, because she so obviously respects women.


13. Chloe Evans

13 Chloe Evans (model, 2010-12) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Word has it Ms. Evans here—some sort of model from some country or another—was a regular slumber party guest of Mr. Balotelli between 2010 and 2012. She was never his main squeeze, though, and there seem to be no pictures of them together. In fact, she’s pretty much the only source about their relationship.

So what did she have to say about the Italian stallion? Well, apparently (1) he shaves “down blow”; (2) she had to “fake it” every time; and (3) he liked to wear makeup and a blonde wig.

All of that could be made up. But I hope not.



12. Sophie Reade

12 Sophie Reade (English model and winner of Big Brother UK, 2010-11) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Enlish pinup girl Sophie Reade was one of Mario’s first “girlfriends” after moving from Inter Milan to Manchester City in 2010. Unfortunately, things ended when—according to Reade—he hooked up with her best friend at his apartment…while Reade was just sitting in the other room…on New Years Eve.

True story? Who knows. But let’s meet her best friend…


11. Fay Evette Betts

11 Faye Evette Betts (English model, one night stand, 2011) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

So yeah, this is Sophie Reade’s former best friend Fay, who reportedly rang in 2011 by knocking boots with Super Mario. Fay, like Sophie, is a model. Though she seems to be far less successful. And let me tell you, she does not always look this good. (Google her.)


10. Rafaella Fico

10 Rafaella Fico (Italian showgirl and baby mama, 2011-12)

Italian showgirl/TV personality/model Rafaella Fico may not be engaged to Mario Balotelli, but she allegedly has one legal tie to him that will remain permanent: she is his baby mamma. Or we should say, she says she’s his baby mamma. Word is Super Mario requested a paternity test to see if Fico’s little girl really is his, but if such a test was ever conducted the results were never made public.

In any case, these two were on-again for about a year in 2011 and 2012, and despite the fact that he was “seeing” other women the whole time, Fico is still one of the most serious (relatively speaking) relationships Balotelli has had.


9. Betty Kourakou

9 Betty Kourakou (Greek fashion model, May 2010) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Most of the models Super Mario seems to date are of the busty nude variety. However, back in 2010 he did briefly date a genuine fashion model in Betty Kourakou. It lasted…oh, about a month.


8. Vanessa Lawrens

8 Vanessa Lawrens (French model, June 2012) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

In June of 2012, while vacationing in Ibiza, Mario reportedly hooked up with French model Vanessa Lawrens.

Who doesn’t love a good summer romance?


7. Sara Galimberti

7 Sara Galimberti (pageant girl, track athlete, italian celebrity, April 2011) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Does that name seem familiar to you? Well, it’s probably because she’s  populated the internet’s “hottest female athletes” lists for years now.

Who is she? Well, not much of an athlete, really. Galimberti was a competative runner at one point, but she became famous in Italy as a contestant in the Miss Italy pageant. According to Italy Today ( these two became acquainted on Facebook and had a brief fling in real life.


6. Melissa Castagnoli

6 Melissa Castagnoli (Miss Italy finalist, 2010) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

At number six we have yet another pageant contestant. Her name is Melissa Castagnoli, and she was a Miss Italy finalist in 2010. The funny thing? She also met Mario on Facebook. Then they dated for a month, and he dumped her via text. Like you do.


5. Dayane Mello

5 Dayane Mello (Italian model, July 2010) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

At number five? Yep, another Italian pageant girl.

Apparently the guy likes a girl who knows how to put vaseline on her teeth and how to glue her bikini top to her chest.


4. Desirée Busetto

4 Desirée Busetto (Italian pageant girl, summer 2012) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Guess what Desirée is known for? That’s right. Pageants. She and Mario supposedly dated in the summer of 2012.


3. Barbara Guerra

3 Barbara Guerra (Italian actress and showgirl, 2009-10) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Barbara Guerra, an Italian “actress” and showgirl, was Mario Balotelli’s first high-profile lady friend after making his pro debut with Inter Milan in 2009.

The man certainly hit the ground running, didn’t he? Good. Lord.


2. Fanny Neguesha

2 Fanny Neguesha (Brazilian model, fiancée) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

So this is Mario’s fiancée, Fanny Neguesha. And yes, you’re right, this is the woman Mario said Real Madrid could sleep with if they managed to stage a comeback in the Champions League semifinals against Dortmund earlier this year. Apparently they broke up after that—shocking—but later patched things up and decided to take it to the next level.

Oh, and by the way, Fanny is a Brazilian model. Obviously.


1. Tabby Brown

1 Tabby Brown (pinup model, October 2012) - hottest girlfriends of Mario Balotteli

Meet Tabby Brown. She’s an English model and, yes, Playboy Bunny. She and Mario were spotted canoodling last October, but rumor has it singer Trey Songz stole her away from the superstar soccer player.

That had to sting.