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21 Creepy Sports Fan GIFs

by: Esteban On  Friday, October 18, 2013
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creepy sports fan gifs

Sports fans can be lots of thing. They can be funny. They can be crazy. They can be violent. They can be wasted. And they can be pathetic. However, since we’re halfway through October, just two weeks from Halloween, today we’re going to focus on sports fans being creepy as hell

Now, as you probably know, there are lots of different kinds of creepy, so with this list, we really tried to cover all the bases. The only thing that binds all these GIFs together? The fact that the people featured in them make you uncomfortable one way or another.

But enough words. Let’s look at a bunch of animated images, shall we?


21. A Royals Fan's Come-Hither Stare

creepy royals fans (creepy sports fan gifs)

This Kansas City fan probably wouldn’t be quite so creepy if his gazed wasn’t perfectly fixed right at the camera. As it is, it looks like he’s staring you down, thinking about how great it’s going to be when he sexes you up…and then eats you.


20. The Philly Lip Balm Lady

creepy phillies fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

What kind of creepy is this? Its lady-with-thirty-cats-who-keeps-offering-the-neighbor-kids-cottage-cheese creepy.


19. Disturbed Colts Fan

creepy colts monster (creepy sports fan gifs)

Let’s just hope there were no kids in this guy’s section. He’d give them nightmares for weeks.


18. Disturbed Colts Fan at a Pacers Game

scary indiana pacers fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

Oh, hey, and he’s a basketball fan, too. Lovely.


17. Mr. Giraffe Head

giants giraffe fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

Pretty much any plastic animal head is going to be creepy, but for some reason I find this giraffe head especially so.

And then, yeah, there’s the guy with the goatee next to him.


16. Grown Men Dressed as Dogs

browns fan in dog pound (creepy sports fan gifs)

What’s creepy about this? It’s a grown-ass man dressed as a sad puppy dog. In any other context people might suspect he’s a pedophile, but at the Cleveland Browns game he’s a superfan.


15. Mr. Boeheim Head

creepy syracuse fan with Boeheim Head (creepy sports fan gifs)

Jim Boeheim is a pretty great basketball coach. I’ll grant you that. But his head, enlarged, on this dude’s body? That’s unsettling.


14. The Opportunist

giants fan kisses broncos fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

I’m sure these two are actually a couple. But it sure as hell looks like this is some dude noticing a drunk chick passing out and decides to get fresh. And yeah, that’s totally creepy. (Though not as bad as this.)


13. Creepy Rays Kid

weird rays kid (creepy sports fan gifs)

The Rays don’t always have fans, but when they do, they’re creepy kids.


12. Creepy Yankees Kid

creepy kid behind mike piazza at home run derby (creepy sports fan gifs)

The wide-eyed stare is a bit creepy, but the devilish grin the kid gives afterward is worse. He looks like somebody who performs “experiments” on the neighbors’ cats.


11. Mrs. Jeter Head

yankees fan in jeter mask (creepy sports fan gifs)

Jeter seems to have put on some weight. And grown bosoms.


10. Freaky BC Bro

creepy boston college football fan  (creepy sports fan gifs)

Obviously the cameraman asked this intense bro how long his manhood is.


9. Freaky Temple Fan

disturbing temple owls football fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

This guy is pretty intense for someone whose team is 0-6 right now.


8. Unsettling Videobombers

creepy dudes videobombing erin andrews (creepy sports fan gifs)

The guy in the dreads looks pretty harmless, but the dude with the beard looks like wants to put Erin Andrews’ stockings in his mouth and smell her shoes.


7. Out of Place Raiders Fan

out of place raiders fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

Raiders fans are pretty terrifying in their own stadium. Take one and put him among “regular” (i.e. non-demonic) football fans and they’re the stuff of nightmares.


6. This Guy

creepy lakers douche fan

What kind of creepy is this? It’s dude-with-satin-leopard-print-sheets-on-his-round-rotating-bed creepy. I mean, is this guy serious?


5. Ghanian Devil Man

creepy ghana fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

I wonder if this guy is as terrifying in Ghana as he is in North America?


4. The Morose Gators Fan

creepy florida fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

What kind of creepy is this? It’s I’m-surrounded-by-cute-girls-but-all-I-can-think-about-is-whether-they-would-fit-in-my-refrigerator creepy.

Did anyone ever figure out who this guy is?


3. Evil Titans Guy

creepy titans guy (creepy sports fan gifs)

That’s right. This guy knows you know, and now he’s coming for you!


2. The Creepiest Indian Cricket Fan

creepy indian cricket fan (creepy sports fan gifs)

Holy hell this guy is creepy. I think he’s just posing for a picture, but he ends up giving one of the most epic inadvertant videobombing performances of all-time. If only someone would draw some horns on him and give him some red devil eyes…oh right.


1. Mr. Baby Head

yankees fan in disturbing baby mask (creepy sports fan gifs)

I don’t know about you, but that’s one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. I’m just glad it’s ten in the morning. I’ve got plenty of time to fill my mind with other images before going to sleep.