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Antti Niemi’s Save on Todd Bertuzzi in the Shootout Was Ridiculous (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, October 22, 2013

antti niemi ridiculous save on todd bertuzzi

The Colorado Avalanche have been a shockingly good team thus far, getting off to an 8-1-0 start. However, there is one team better than the Avs in the Western Conference, and that is San Jose. They are off to an 8-0-1 start, which gives them one extra point for bragging rights.

So what’s behind the Sharks’ blistering start? Well, a ton of depth on offense for the first time in ages is one thing (they no longer depend on Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau to score all the goals).  And, of course, sharp goaltending is another.

Want to see this last point in action? Just look at the save Antti Niemi made on the Detroit Red Wings’ Todd Bertuzzi—a man with a rep for having some sick moves. He’s all sprawled out and looks like he’s beaten, but then he kicks his pad up at the last moment to ice the Sharks’ 1-0 shootout victory.

You have to love the reaction of Bertuzzi there. The dude cannot believe what he just saw—and neither could anyone else. That was ridiculous.