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Tyler Hansbrough Was About to Fight Someone…Until He Realized It Was Metta World Peace (Video)

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, October 22, 2013

tyler hansbrough and metta world peace

Apparently Toronto Raptors center Tyler Hansbrough is a big Kenny Rogers fan. Because man, that kid knows when to hold ‘em, and knows when to fold ‘em.

Last night, during the double-overtime preseason game between the Raptors and Knicks at the Air Canada Centre, Hansbrough got fouled while taking the ball to the hoop in the paint, then he got fouled again right afterward. At that point, he was about to turn around and give the offending party a piece of his mind. Then he discovered that the offending party was Metta World Peace—the guy who got suspended for 86 games after the Malice at the Palace, and the guy who does stuff like this—and a bug-eyed and terrified Tyler immediately started apologizing to Mr. World Peace.

See for yourself:

When do you hold ‘em? When a flopper like LeBron James is on your back.

When do you fold ‘em? When it’s the artist formerly known as Ron Artest.

Good call, Hansbrough. You don’t want any of that crazy.