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25 GIFs That Will Make You Hate The Miami Heat More Than You Do Already

by: Esteban On  Sunday, November 3, 2013

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Well, the 2013-14 NBA season is officially underway, and everyone is pretty excited. There’s just one problem: LeBron James and the Miami Heat are the favorites to win it all. Again. Does that thought put a scowl on your face? Yeah, you’re not alone.

For a variety of reasons, the Miami Heat are one of the most disliked sports teams of our time. Some people hate them because they just bought championships rather than earning them, which apparently violates some principle of sports justice. Some people hate them because they kinda held a victory celebration before they’d even won anything, which made them seem like a bunch of cocky a-holes. And, of course, some people hate them just because they’re jealous.

Whatever the reason, most NBA fans would love to see the Heat get knocked off this year by the Bulls, Pacers, Nets, Thunder, Spurs, or Clippers. Hell, pretty much anybody. And it’s you people that I’m sucking up to today with this list of GIFs that will only piss you off more. Ready to get your hate on? Good. Let’s do this.

25. Bosh's Ring Face

25 bosh ring ceremony face - miami heat hate gifs

Dear Chris Bosh: I actually don’t hate you. You’re the most likable person on the team. But stop it. It’s your second ring in a row. Act like you’ve been there. K? Great.

24. LeBron Is Some Kind of Serpentine-Armed Demigod

24 lebron james weird gif - miami heat hate gifs

This, whatever it is, is ridiculous.

23. Rihanna: Hot Lady Douche

23 rihanna huge heat fan - miami heat hate gifs

Rihanna was born in Barbados and moved to New York when she was 16. She’s just a bandwagon Heat fan like everybody else.

22. There's This...

22 lebron d-wade shadow boxing - miami heat hate gifs

Um, what?

21. And This...

21 chris bosh champagne facial - miami heat hate gifs

That’s disgusting, Chris Bosh.

20. These Are the Biggest Miami Heat Fans

19 nba finals cleavage (biggest fans) - miami heat hate gifs

They are also the only Heat fans the rest of the league doesn’t hate.

19. The Rest of Them Kinda Suck

20 heat fans leave too early - miami heat hate gifs

Remember when Heat fans bolted for the doors with the Heat trailing San Antonio by five points with 28 seconds left in Game 6 of the NBA Finals, then heard the game went into overtime and tried to get back in? Yeah, they’re the worst.

18. Including These Two...

18 dancing-heat-fans - miami heat hate gifs

And when Heat fans aren’t leaving important games too early, they’re dancing. Badly.

17. And These Two...

17 gross disturbing miami heat fan - miami heat hate gifs

Seriously. Stop. You’re upsetting the children.

16. But Especially THIS GUY....

16 miami heat cigar guy - miami heat hate gifs

Come on, dude, are you serious? A victory cigar? Are you Will Smith in Independence Day or something? Take off the shades and your white ladies wristwatch and get a grip.

15. The Heat Made a Harlem Shake Video

15 miami heat harlem shake 1 - miami heat hate gifs

The Heat were the 872,461st ones to make a Harlem Shake video back in February, but they probably thought they invented it.

14. LeBron Wore a Crown...

14 miami heat harlem shake 2 - miami heat hate gifs

…because he’s the king of being not liked by anyone.

13. It Was the Worst

13 miami heat harlem shake 3 - miami heat hate gifs

The Minnesota Timberwolves pretty much summed up what everyone thought about this video.

12. Chris Bosh Is Desperate for Attention

12 chris-bosh-videoboming-lebron-james - miami heat hate gifs

Look Chris Bosh. We get it. The reporters never want to ask you questions, and it makes you feel insignificant. The videobombing is getting old, though. Come up with some new gag to get our attention.

11. So Is D-Wade with His Ladies Pantsuits

dwyane wade wearing polka dot ladies pantsuit

D-Wade likes to push the limits of men’s fashions…by shopping at Talbots.

10. And Chris Birdman Andersen Is Just Freaky

10 creepy chris anderson - miami heat hate gifs

Meanwhile, Chris “Birdman” Andersen is just the creepiest dude in the NBA, and he knows we’re watching him.

9. The Heat Do Stuff Like This...

9 chalmers head spike - miami heat hate gifs

Look, we all know you sometimes have to throw the ball at your opponent to retain possession. It’s a smart play. But Mario Chalmers, did you really have to smash the ball of Roy Hibbert’s head?

8. And Let's Not Forget the Flopping...

8 lebron james flop 2 - miami heat hate gifs

LeBron James actually seems like a nice guy, but as long as he does stuff like this people aren’t going to respect him.

7. Oh the Flopping!

7 lebron james flop 4 - miami heat hate gifs

Seriously LeBron. That’s enough. What would Jordan do?

6. Floppy Flop

6 lebron flop 5 - miami heat hate gifs

Oh that’s right, more GIFs of LeBron flopping like a fish. I’m not even done! Here’s another…

5. Flippy Flop Flop

5 lebron flop 1 - miami heat hate gifs

And you know what? Let’s just see one more LeFlop…

4. Seriously, It's Ridiculous

4 lebron james flop 3 - miami heat hate gifs

You wanna know the worst part? During the playoffs last year, LeBron actually insisted that he doesn’t flop, because apparently he’s unaware that the internet exists. 

3. Oh, and Bieber

3 bieber is a heat fan - miami heat hate gifs

The Heat apparently kicked Lil Wayne out of a game last year. Why didn’t they kick Justin Bieber out for looking like this?

2. They Also Do Stuff Like This...

2 heat bench interference - miami heat hate gifs

Did you see assistant coach David Fizdale and Juwan Howard try to distract San Antonio’s Danny Green during the NBA Finals? I don’t even think they know what sportsmanship is. If you asked, they’d probably say it’s some kind of boat. Classy.

1. But Mostly It's the Flopping

1 Dwyane Wade flop - miami heat hate gifs

These are you two-time defending NBA champions, everyone. Please, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul, Tony Parker…somebody…save us.