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21 Ridiculous Football Flopping GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, November 7, 2013
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football flopping gifs

To be honest with you, I never really thought this list would be possible. Flopping? In football? American football? “Ridiculous,” I would have said in 1990…if I weren’t just a kid. But alas, unless you’ve been living under a rock (and that doesn’t have the NFL Network), you know that flopping has become a major “concern” in the NFL and NCAA over the last few years.

This has to stop. So I’m going to do my part by shaming players that do it. Got that, Andrew Luck? You feel me, Clay Matthews? If you don’t want to see yourselves on lists like this, stop acting like you’re playing in La Liga and start acting like grown men. Okay? Great.

Now, let’s get on with the list ‘o shame…


21. Joe Thomas Goes Down

cleveland browns joe thomas flop - football flopping gifs

Come on, Browns. It’s bad enough you’re the Browns. Do you have to do stuff like this, too? The poor fans thought they’d seen their last embarrassing flops when LeBron left town back in 2010.


20. Tarell Brown's Semi-Flop

tarell brown flop (49ers flop) - football flopping gifs

Okay, maybe Tarell Brown isn’t flopping here. Maybe the block just caused him to lose his footing. But maybe not. And even still, dude, you’re a football player. You’ve got to be more sturdy on your feet than that.


19. Silly Philip

philip rivers flop - football flopping gifs

The best thing about this one is that Rivers actually started this confrontation. Cox rushing, and then after making the throw Rivers got in his face. Then he was like, uh oh, I’m in over my head. I’d better his the deck.


18. Pro Bowl Diving

nfl pro bowl flop - football flopping gifs

Look guys, I know the Pro Bowl is stupid and pointless. Nobody even wants this thing to exist anymore. But that’s no reason to go out and embarrass yourselves. Just play your flag football game, then go hand out on the beach.


17. Giants Down!

giants flop - football flopping gifs

Apparently there was some confusion as to who, exactly, Tom Coughlin wanted to take a dive. So two guys suddenly experience severe cramping.

Come on guys, communicate out there!


16. Bulldog Down

georgia bulldogs flopping - football flopping gifs

No. 5 Damian Swann is like, “dude, coach says we need to slow them down.” So Tristan Askew was like, “yo dog, I got this.”


15. Silly Cal

cal fake injury - football flopping

What? We’re not ready? Ow, my foot! My foot! A sudden, inexplicable, 30-second pain!


14. Emanuel Sanders

steelers emanuel sanders faking injury - football flopping gifs

The NFL actually fined Sanders and the Steelers for this one last year. Sanders got a $15,000 bill, and the team got one for $35,000.

Start fining teams $250,000 a pop, and maybe this problem will be stamped out.


13. Punters Are Hilarious

miami hurricanes punter flop - football flopping gifs

Mr. O’Donnell here has been watching too much ballet, I think.

Of course, this isn’t just a problem at Miami. It’s going on elsewhere, too…


12. Another Thespian

penn state punter flop - football flopping gifs

At least the Miami punter spun around. This guy just keeps his leg stiff and falls backwards. What a doofus.


11. Packer Actor

a.j. hawk flop (packers flopper) - football flopping gifs

What has become of linebackers? Could you imagine Dick Butkus taking a dive like that? Or Jack Lambert? Or Jack Ham? Because I couldn’t.


10. Andrew Luck Hits the Deck

andrew luck flop tries to draw roughing passer penalty - football flopping gifs

Vickerson definitely went out of his way to bump into Andrew Luck here. So, on one level, he only has himself to blame.

On another level, though, he can definitely blame Luck for falling over like a baby and drawing a penalty.

In the end, I guess everyone’s to blame. But Luck comes out looking like the biggest jackass.


9. Flying Bill

drayton florence flop - football flopping gifs

Apparently Patriots offensive lineman Dan Connolly just doesn’t know his own strength.


8. Stafford Down!

matt stafford flop - football flopping gifs

Here’s another case where both guys are to blame. Andy Mulumba didn’t have to make contact, but instead makes sure to hit Stafford while pretending to avoid him. Then Matt Stafford tries to embellish the contact to draw a roughing the passer penalty.

So, yeah, they’re both a couple of turds.


7. Miracle Healing

cullen jenkins faking injury - football flopping gifs

Ow! Oh! Oooo. My anklefootleg…it’s hurting…aaaah… Hey, wait, now it feels better. Okay, see ya, ref.


6. Hasseldive

matt hasselbeck dive - football flopping gifs

You gotta give Matt Hasselbeck some credit here. He doesn’t just flop. Afterward, he tried to sell by feigning outrage.

At least he really commits to his buffoonery.


5. Tavon Austin, what are you doing?

rams tayvon austin flop - football flopping gifs

Rams receiver Tavon Austin takes “flopping” a little too literally. He thinks you really have to flop down and pretend like you’re dead.


4. Tiger Down!

auburn tigers anthony swain flop - football flopping gifs

Have you ever seen someone sprain a knee just standing there? Well, you still haven’t.


3. Karma Sucks, A.J. Hawk

falcons flop - football flopping gifs

What goes around comes around, Mr. Hawk.


2. Lightest NFL Player of All-Time

cincinnati bengals dive - football flopping gifs

You gotta love the guy’s reaction here. He’s like, oh come one, man.


1. Clay Matthews: Olympic Diver

clay matthews flop - football flopping gifs

This guy is a third generation NFL player. His grandfather, dad, and uncle must be so proud.