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21 Awesome Punt Return GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, November 14, 2013
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punt return gifs

Earlier this week I was writing about the Rams’ shocking upset of the Colts, which turned on three huge plays from rookie Tavon Austin, one of which was a 98-yard punt return touchdown. And I asked myself, “what the hell is more exciting in a football game than a punt return touchdown?”

Well, I thought about it, and I didn’t come up with very much. A last second Hail Mary when you’re down by six? A 1oo+ yard pick six when you’re down six? That’s about it.

In any case, I don’t know if punt return TDs are the most exciting plays, but they’re certainly not easy to top. So for today I thought, why not a list of punt return GIFs?

And so here we are. Ready to take a look? Then let’s go…


21. Hell of a Start

christion jones alabama first touch touchdown - football punt return gifs

Fresh of back-to-back National Championships, the Alabama Crimson Tide kicked off their 2013 season in style. The first time they touched the ball on offense this season, Christion Jones ran a punt back 72 yards for a touchdown against Virginia Tech.

Talk about a statement.


20. The Hat Trick

usc-cal punt return touchdown - football punt return gifs

Last Saturday, the USC Trojans tied an NCAA record by scoring three punt return TDs against the Cal Golden Bears. In the first half.

This one, a 93-yarder by Nelson Agholor, was the third.

I guess Cal just started turning the ball over on downs after that.


19. Oh Bills

ind-buf - football punt return gifs

Seriously, Buffalo, does anyone want to try to tackle this guy? No? Okay then. Touchdown.

No offense to T.Y. Hilton. Punt return touchdowns are never easy. But some are easier.


18. Oh Giants

vikings giants - football punt return gifs

Speaking of hapless defenses…how about those Giants? Again, no offense to Marcus Sherels, but, there isn’t a whole lot of opposition here.


17. Fat Guy Punt Return!

ucf lineman fat guy punt return - football punt return gifs

Fat guy touchdowns are cool. They usually happen when a lineman recovers a fumble. But a fat guy punt return? That takes one hell of a sh**ty punt.

Nice work, Gamecocks.

(Okay, fine. South Carolina did win the game.)


16. Red River Return

oklahoma texas - football punt return gifs

If Texas had lost the Red River Shootout this year, Mack Brown might have been on the hot seat. Instead, the Longhorns pounded the rival Sooners, thanks in large part to this 85-yard punt return from Daje Johnson midway through the third quarter that made it 29-13.


15. Red River Return: Second Look

oklahoma texas hey stop - football punt return gifs

Of course, Johnson had a little bit of help from the Oklahoma special teams on that one. Punter Jed Barnett certainly didn’t make a great effort to tackle him.


14. Here's How the Jets Do Punt Returns

new york jets punt return fail - football punt return gifs

Yep, that’s right. The Jets actually forgot to send somebody back to take the punt—a bold strategy.

Obviously, this was not the game in which the Jets actually beat the Patriots.


13. Right Through Everybody

carolina baltimore (#19) - football punt return gifs

Look at all that purple! Everybody was right there, but they didn’t converge.

Of course, this was the preseason, and Baltimore fans probably thought their guys just needed to work out the kinks. Who knew this would actually be a sign of things to come for the defending champs?


12. Right Through Everybody: the Sequel

tandon doss baltimore houston - football punt return gifs

At least the Ravens learned something from that last one. Returner Tandon Doss scored this 82-yarder doing basically the same thing the Panthers did to them.


11. Trindon Holiday

trindon holiday denver baltimore - football punt return gifs

The Broncos may have suffered a shocking defeat to the Ravens last year, but hey, at least Holiday scored this great 90-yard punt return TD, right?


10. Up the Gut

green bay minnesota micah hyde - football punt return gifs

Micah Hyde gets the glory here, but you have to give credit to the Packers special teams, too. They tie up every guy in purple creating a path, and Hyde spotted it and took advantage.


9. Dwayne Harris, Everyone

cowboys redskins harris - football punt return gifs

Harris scored a touchdown on this beautiful run, but he also helped set up a touchdown later with a 90-yard kickoff return. So he had a pretty good game the first time the ‘Boys played the Redskins this year.


8. Travis Benjamin, Part 1

cleveland kansas city - football punt return gifs

Last year, Travis Benjamin scorched the Chiefs with this 93-yard punt return TD…


7. Travis Benjamin, Part 2

travis benjamin cleveland buffalo - football punt return gifs

This year, he did it to the Bills. Though it wasn’t 93 yards. Just 79.


6. Zig Zag

osu tcu josh steward 95 yard - football punt return gifs

Usually things look better in slow-motion. However, in this case, it definitely looks better in fast-motion.


5. Rewarded for the Risk

tavon austin punt return td

Here’s the 98-yarder from Tavon Austin I mentioned at the outset. Notice how excellent this punt it, and how, as a result, Austin is waiving everyone off, telling them not to touch the ball. Then he’s like, you know what, I can get that. And before anyone knows it he’s halfway down the field.

It probably gave Rams coach Jeff Fisher a heart attack, but in the end I’m sure he didn’t mind.


4. Dexter McCluster Embarrasses the Giants

dexter mccluster 2 - football punt return gifs

Dexter McCluster puts on a beautiful display, here. That being said, it’s not very hard to embarrass the Giants defense/special teams.


3. Golden Tate Dazzles

golden tate - football punt return gifs

Golden Tate didn’t actually score on this play, but his 71-yard return is probably still the best one we’ve seen all year.


2. Great Gamecock

ace sanders - football punt return gifs

Nice tackling, Missouri.

No, really, why don’t you just let Ace Sanders run right on up and gently place the ball over the goal line?


1. Devin Hester

devin hester - football punt return gifs

Devin Hester is my pick for best punt returner in the NFL today. Who’s yours?