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29 GIFs of Ridiculously Terrible Basketball Shots

by: Esteban On  Thursday, November 21, 2013
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terrible basketball shots (airball gifs)

When it’s played well, basketball is graceful and beautiful and a joy to watch. And of course, when it is played poorly, it is downright ugly.

Fortunately, the absurd is funny, and ugly things can sometimes be just as amusing as beautiful things—especially when you group all those ridiculous ugly things together in one place. So that’s what we’re going here: grouping together a bunch of animated GIFs featuring some of the absolute worst shots that have ever been taken in the game of basketball. They’re so bad, you cannot help but laugh.

Take a look. You won’t regret it.


29. Devin Harris Sends It Via Airmail

devin harris airball - terrible basketball shots

The Mavericks were so impressed with Harris when he played for the Jazz that they said, hey, we want you to come play for us again. So he did.


28. Just a Bit Short

terrible airball - terrible basketball shots

And this is why big men don’t shoot from the perimeter that much. It’s kind of a low-percentage shot for them.


27. Rotnei Airs It Out

rotnei clark airball - terrible basketball shots

Butler’s Rotnei Clarke (now playing in Australia for the Wollongong Hawks—which I did not just make up) is a good basketball player. But even good basketball players blow it every once in a while.


26. Free Throws Are HARD

free throw airball - terrible basketball shots

Look at the smile of little #2 there. He thinks it’s hilarious.


25. Nothing But Net

andris-biedrins-airball-free-throw fail - terrible basketball shots

Andris Biedrins: not good at free throws. 

Seriously, check out his stats. They’re all over the place, which suggests he just cannot figure it out. Last year he hit 30.8%, and the three year before that it was 11.1%, 32.3%, and 16%.



24. Brick!

deandre jordan brick - terrible basketball shots

DeAndre Jordan: also not good at free throws.

Stick to the dunks, man.


23. LOLdiop

desagana diop free throw airball fail - terrible basketball shots

Oh Desagana Diop. You’re too much.


22. Trick Shot Fail

basketball-trick-shot-fail - terrible basketball shots

To the guy taking the shot: please, no more.

To the guy filming it: maybe you should have told him two girls were about the walk right underneath the basket…just in case he missed.


21. Just Dessert

basketball-trick-play-fail 2 - terrible basketball shots

I hate to see anyone get injured, but if this girl was experiencing pain after this, she definitely earned it.


20. Terrible Shot, Or Brilliant Pass?

awful airball or great pass - terrible basketball shots

I’m going to give this kid the benefit of the doubt and say he wasn’t trying to hit a three-pointer from NBA range. He was trying to pass it to his teammate underneath the basket—which was pretty sneaky, really.


19. Orange Brick

arize onuaku free throw fail - terrible basketball shots

Arinze Onauku, you may look like Lebron with your little headband, but you are not Lebron.


18. Pump Fake at the Free Throw Line

basketball free throw balk - terrible basketball shots

I’m not sure, but I think that’s a balk.


17. Blake Tries a Three

blake griffin worst shot basketball fail - terrible basketball shots

Like his teammate DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin should probably stick to the monster jams.


16. Fat Guy Layup

JOSH-SMITH-AIRBALL-LAYUP - terrible basketball shots

Josh Smith transferred to Georgetown last January because the former all-conference freshman at UCLA saw his playing time diminished in his junior season.

I wonder if that had anything to do with this LAYUP AIRBALL?



15. Presidential Basketball Fail

obama layup fail - terrible basketball shots

When he was first elected, regardless of politics, President Obama was the cool president because he played hoops.

Then he did this.


14. Westbrook Layup Fail

Russell westbrook layup fail - terrible basketball shots

If fairness to Obama, though, it happens to the best of them. Just look at Russell Westbrook’s finger roll fail here. I’m surprised the referees didn’t call this goaltending.


13. Something in His Eye

st. mary's air ball gif - terrible basketball shots

In the first round of the 2013 NCAA Tournament against Memphis, St. Mary’s put on one of the most embarrassing shooting performances EVER.

There was this airball…


12. Is It Windy in Here?

st. mary's airball 2 - terrible basketball shots

…aaaand there was this airball, which didn’t even touch the net.


11. Seriously, St. Mary's, Just Stop

st. mary's airball 3 - terrible basketball shots

And then this is how the game ended.

The crazy thing is, if the Gaels had made just one of the three horrible shots we just saw, they would have won. Hell, if they had just hit the rim on one of these shots they may have gotten an easy two off a rebound.

But no.


10. Backyard Hoops

backyard basketball shot fail - terrible basketball shots

Well, that will teach him not to pay attention, won’t it?


9. More Backyard Hoops

backyard basketball trick shot fail - terrible basketball shots

I’m assuming this kid has an older brother. Otherwise, how did this wind up on the internet?


8. Embarrassing

worst free throw ever - terrible basketball shots

Did this girl sneeze or something? I love how her teammates down on the bench give no reaction whatsoever.


7. Another Terrible Free Throw

south florida airball 2012 ncaa tournament - terrible basketball shots

Seriously, who knew free throws were this hard?


6. Bill Simmons Basketball

bill simmons sucks at playing basketball - terrible basketball shots

Bill Simmons: good at writing, bad at basketball…which is pretty much what everyone assumes about sports writers.

(We sports bloggers are even worse—we play basketball in our underwear in our mom’s basement.)


5. More Bill Simmons Basketball

big bang theory basketball gif - terrible basketball shots

Okay, I admit it—that’s not actually Bill Simmons.


4. Air Bosh

bosh all-star air ball - terrible basketball shots

Come on, Boshtrich, it’s the All-Star game. Nobody is playing defense. Take your time, man.


3. Dwight Howard Struggles at the Line

dwight-howard-free-throw-airball - terrible basketball shots

Last year, Dwight Howard was struggling at the free throw line so, for some reason, he decided to move about six inches back from the line.

Result? A free throw airball…by about six inches.


2. Ultimate Layup Fail

gerald wallace layup fail - terrible basketball shots

Gerald Wallace, can you not dunk a basketball? Good Lord, man.

(On the bright side, he did get his own rebound. So that’s something.)


1. Worst. Free Throw. Ever.

worst free throw ever 2 - terrible basketball shots

This one is about as bad as the one we saw earlier at no. 8. However, that was a high school girl, and this is a Division I basketball player. So yeah, this one is worse.