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20 NFL Cheerleader 2014 Wall Calendars You Should Probably Just Go Ahead and Buy

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, December 4, 2013

2014 NFL Cheerleader Calendars (NFL Swimsuit Calendars)

In the olden days people used to hang calendars on their wall so they could keep track of important dates and events. These days, when everyone has a computer and a smart phone? Yeah, we pretty much only get wall calendars as an excuse to hang pictures of hot chicks in bikinis in our home or office without people thinking we’re total perverts.

Anyway, in case you haven’t noticed, there is now less than one month remaining in 2014. So that means it’s time to get a new calendar featuring pictures of hot women in bikinis. And of course, nobody does bikini calendars better than NFL cheerleading squads.

Now, some of you will probably just go and get the calendar for your favorite team’s squad and be done with it. However, if you don’t have a favorite team, or if you’re just a connoisseur of attractive bikini models, then why not have a look at all of the calendars available and pick the one you like best?

Sounds like a plan? Great. We’ll help you get started with this list of 20 fantastic NFL cheerleader 2014 Calendars. You’re welcome, and happy shopping.


20. Cincinnati Ben-Gals 2013-14 Calendar

Cincinnati ben-gals cheerleaders calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

We kick things off with one of the best values on the list. I mean, $10? Compared to some of the other ones we’ll see, that’s a steal.

Of course, the costs of actually making the calendar are pretty low when you do the photoshoot in the locker room.

$10.00 – Buy It!


19. St. Louis Rams Cheerleaders 2013-14 Swimsuit Calendar

St. Louis rams cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Wait, what? The Rams have cheerleaders that look like this? Who knew?

$15.00 – Buy It!


18. New England Patriots Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar

New England Patriots Cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleader calendars 2014

Twenty bucks seems like a lot for the Pats Cheerleaders calendar—even with the gratuitous side boob. However, the calendar is “reversible,” and apparently what that means is there are 24 photos instead of 12.

$19.95 – Buy It!


17. New York Jets Flight Crew 2014 Swimsuit Calendar

New York Jets Flight Crew Swimsuit Calendar - NFL Cheerleader Calendars 2014

Say what you want about the actual football team, at least the Jets always manage to put a solid cheerleading squad on the field.

$15.99 – Buy It!


16. Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendars

atlanta falcons cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

If you hurry, you can buy the Atlanta Falcons Cheerleaders Swimsuit Calendar on sale for just under $10 instead of the usual $15.99. Based on this photo, that seems like a good deal.

$9.59 – Buy It!


15. Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders 2013-2014 Swimsuit Calendar

indianapolis colts cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

A surprisingly solid effort from the Colts Cheerleaders. Indiana isn’t exactly the first place that comes to mind when I hear the word “bikini.”

$15.00 – Buy It!


14. San Diego Charger Girls 2013-14 Calendar

san diego charger girls caledar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Man, do the Chargers know their fans or what? These guys (and the Padres, for that matter) manage to work military themes into pretty much everything they do, given the strong military presence in San Diego. The Charger Girls calendar is certainly no exception.

$16.99 – Buy It!


13. San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush 2014 Wall Calendar

san francisco 49ers gold rush cheerleaders wall calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Really, Gold Rush? You want me to pay $25 dollars for this? It’s not even 16 months!

Besides, if I want to look at pictures of hot chicks wearing t-shirts and leg warmers, I’ll pick up an American Apparel catalogue…for free.

$24.95 – Buy It! 


12. Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders 2013-14 Swimsuit Calendar

baltimate ravens cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Like Indiana, Baltimore isn’t the first place that comes to mind when I hear the phrase “bikini model.” But I’ll be damned if this isn’t one of the finest covers of all the cheerleader calendars in the NFL.

$18.00 – Buy It!


11. Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar

minnesota vikings cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Bikini season in Minneapolis-St. Paul lasts approximately 15 minutes in late July. I’m surprised the Vikings cheerleaders were able to squeeze in a photoshoot.

(Lame weather jokes aside, though, how gorgeous is this cheerleader? Well done, Minnesota.)

$20.00 – Buy It!


10. Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders 2013-14 Swimsuit Calendar App

philadelphia eagles swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Oh, the Eagles Cheerleaders have a swimsuit calendar alright. It’s just not for sale on their website. (They say it is, but it’s not.) What you can do, however, is download their calendar app on iOS and Android, then fork over $1.99…for the pictures you can just view on their website for free.

Obviously, the Eagles Cheerleaders haven’t quite worked out all the kinks. They can’t even keep the swimsuits on properly, God love ‘em.

$1.99 – Buy It!


9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders 2014 Calendar

tampa bay buccaneers cheerleaders calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Normally $15, at time of writing the Bucs Cheerleaders calendar is on sale for just $7.50. At that price—and with this being one of the best squads every year—how can you not afford to buy this?

$7.50 – Buy It!


8. Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar

tennessee titans cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Nashville girls are pretty great. Nashville girls are in this calendar. Ergo, concordantly, this calendar is pretty great. (It’s logic.)

$15.00 – Buy It!


7. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2014 Sideline Calendar

dallas cowboys cheerleaders sideline calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders don’t have just one calendar. That’s what the rest of the squads in the NFL do. No, the DCCs have two—this one, with pictures of the lovely ladies performing on the sidelines, and…

$15.99 – Buy It!


6. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar

dallas cowboys cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Yes, the DCCs have a swimsuit calendar, too. Obviously, you should buy both calendars. Then you can put one in your office at work, and one in your office/garage/basement—or wherever your wife won’t have to look at it—at home.

$17.99 – Buy It!


5. Jacksonville Jaguars ROAR 2014 Lingerie Calendar

jacksonville jaguars roar cheerleaders lingerie calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Swimsuit calendars? Swimsuit calendars? No, man. The Jags ROAR cheerleaders aren’t playing around with that kiddy stuff. They make lingerie calendars. And this year, for some reason, they shot it in London.

$15.00 – Buy It!


4. Houston Texans Cheerleaders 2013-14 Swimsuit Calendar

houston texans swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Everything is bigger in Texas…except the price of the Houston Texans Cheerleaders 2013-14 Swimsuit Calendar. It goes for a reasonable ten bucks, offering a very good hotness-per-dollar ratio.

$10.00 – Buy It!


3. Seattle Sea Gals 2014 Swimsuit Calendar

seattle sea gals swimsuit calendar - nhl cheerleaders calendars 2014

No wonder the Seahawks have probably the most difficult stadium for visiting teams to play in. The cheerleading squad is crazy hot, and they work the grunge-loving, caffein-drinking, flannel-wearing fans up into a frenzy.

(Yes, in my mind it’s perpetually the mid-90s. Hence my characterization of Seattleites.)

$19.99 – Buy It!


2. Washington Redskins Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar

washington redskins cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleaders calendars 2014

Twenty bucks might seem like a lot for a calendar. But take a closer look at that there picture. See that bikini? Yep, it’s painted on.

Photography and painting? This isn’t just a calendar. It’s art!

$19.99 – Buy It!


1. Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 2014 Swimsuit Calendar

miami dolphins cheerleaders swimsuit calendar - nfl cheerleader calendars 2014

You know what? You can have your Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I’ll take the Dolphins Cheerleaders any day of the week.

$14.99 – Buy It!