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35 More Dancing Sports Fan GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, December 5, 2013
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dancing sports fan gifs

Back in the day, if a fan did something notable at a sporting event, they got their moment on the jumbotron and that was it. One quick moment in the spotlight, then nothing.

Now it’s different. If you do something notable these day it gets caught on camera by somebody, and then it gets published on hundreds of sports websites and blogs. After that it’s turned into a GIF and it spreads all over the internet—meaning that one single moment lives on forever.

It’s kind of crazy when you think about it.

In any case, today we’re going to give you a whole list of such moments. Some of these people would probably rather have these moments back. Others might be proud of their internet fame. Either way, they’re all entertaining.

So sit back and check out 35 more dancing sports fan GIFs. You won’t regret it.


35. Baylor Crazies

dancing baylor fans - dancing sports fan gifs

The chick on the right is dancing like she’s at a Phish concert, while the guy in the white suit is dancing like Ed Grimsley. Meanwhile, the guy on the far left is wearing gold booty shorts.

So yeah, this one has pretty much everything.


34. Funky LSU Daddio

dancing lsu fan - dancing sports fan gifs

They know how to boogie in the bayou.


33. Meanwhile, in Kentucky...

old dancing kentucky basketball fan - dancing sports fan gifs

This guy is way less cool than the last guy.


32. Romanian Rugby Fan

dancing romanian rugby fan does not impress - dancing sports fan gifs

This poor guy wasn’t nearly as impressive as the beer made him think he’d be.


31. Happy Royals Fan

royals-fan-dances-after-eric-hosmer-home-run - dancing sports fan gifs

Apparently this guy was celebrating a home run. I’d say it must have been an important one, but we’re talking about the Royals, here.


30. Painted Mizzou Fan

crazy-missouri-college-football-fan-2012-dancing in rain - dancing sports fan gifs

This kid’s not going to let a little rain spoil his chance to make a fool of himself.


29. Painted Baylor Fan

dancing painted baylor fan - dancing sports fan gifs

Not to be outdone by the Mizzou kid, here’s this guy…yikes.


28. Dancing Chargers Grandpa

dancing chargers grandpa 1 - dancing sports fan gifs

No arthritis here. This guy is pretty limber for his age.


27. Happy Feet

dancing penguins - dancing sports fan gifs

Get it? Dancing penguins? Happy Feet?

Seriously, though, I have no idea what’s going on here, but it probably has something to do several cases of beer and somebody finding a good deal on penguin costumes.


26. Dancing Ravens Fan

wasted dancing ravens fan - dancing sports fan gifs

You can just tell this guy knows how to party. I mean, look at that hat.


25. Leprechauns

dancing leprechaun notre dame fans - dancing sports fan gifs

Where have all the Notre Dame fans gone this season?


24. Dancing Badgers

dancing wisconsin badgers fans - dancing sports fan gifs

Go home Brewers fan, your drunk.


23. Astros Fan, Part 1

dancing astros fan - dancing sports fan gifs

The guys in the booth got a big kick out of this woman’s dance skills, so they sent their roving reporter down to talk to her.

But this wouldn’t be the last time we saw her…

22. Astros Fan, Part 2

dancing astros fan the sequel - dancing sports fan gifs

Yep, that’s right. A camera guy spotted her in the crowd at another game–yes, she actually went to two Houston Astros games this year—so they put her on TV again.


21. Adorable Lakers Kid

cute lakers kid dancing - dancing sports fan gifs

Come on, now, admit it—that’s the cutest damn thing you’ve seen all day.


20. Adorable Seahawks Kid

dancing seahawks kid - dancing sports fan gifs

I don’t know if the woman on the left is the kid’s mom or not, but she seems fairly concerned that he might just be embarrassing himself on television. (And I’d say her concern was justified.)


19. Dancing Heat Fans

dancing heat fans - dancing sports fan gifs

As a general rule of thumb, if you want to avoid looking like an idiot while dancing, keep your arms to your side. In fact, I’m pretty sure there’s an entire Will Smith song about this.


18. Hillbilly Gangnam Style

gangnam style nc state fans - dancing sports fan gifs

Yep, this is one of those moments that these guys are going to want back when they graduate and start looking for work.


17. Unofficial Colts Cheerleader

colts fan dancing with tennessee cheerleader - dancing sports fan gifs

Check out the reaction from this dude’s lady friend. I think she’d be more comfortable if he sat the hell down.


16. USC Robot

fan does robot in background - dancing sports fan gifs

There’s a lot of stuff going on in the background here, but the best thing has to be the guy holding the pretend axe while doing the robot.

(FYI, USC was playing Stanford, whose mascot is a tree. Hence the axes and chainsaws.)


15. Penn State Hockey Fan

dancing penn state hockey fan - dancing sports fan gifs

Just your typical Penn State hockey fan. Move along now…


14. Father-Daughter Bonding

twins fans dancing gangnam style - dancing sports fan gifs

A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to connect with your daughters. More power to him.


13. Dancing UNLV Chick

hot dancing unlv fan - dancing sports fan gifs

That’s the problem with hot chicks—when they’re at the club, nobody tells them that they suck at dancing, so they just don’t know.


12. Thriller

texas-tech-fans-dancing michael jackson thriller - dancing sports fan gifs

How appropriate, given that this month marks the 30th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s iconic “Thriller” video. (It came out December 2, 1983.)


11. The Grandma Boody

dancing orioles lady - dancing sports fan gifs

Don’t you wish this was your mother? Sure, she might embarrass you by dancing like this on TV, but at least she’s not a stick-in-the-mud.


10. The Marlins Cabaret Girls

dancing showgirls at the clevelander club in marlins park - dancing sports fan gifs

Seriously, this goes on every night inside “The Clevelander” nightclub inside Marlins Park.

Wholesome family entertainment, right?


9. Dancing Dodgers Fan

dancing dodgers fan - dancing sports fan gifs

This guy is actually at a Rays game. Obviously he got pretty bored, and probably a little over-served.


8. Dancing LSU Guy

dancing lsu fan in suit - dancing sports fan gifs

Does this remind any one else of Elaine dancing on Seinfeld?


7. The Seattle Dad

dancing seattle mariners dad - dancing sports fan gifs

Unlike the other dad we saw from Seattle, this guy does not have the full support of his daughters here.


6. Ole Miss Dad

dancing ole miss dad - dancing sports fan gifs

Hey, is that Usher?


5. Gator Raver

dancing gators dude wearing tiara - dancing sports fan gifs

Someone get this man some glow sticks.


4. The Dance Off

dance cam at pistons game - dance off fat kid security guard - dancing sports fan gifs

I’ve seen dance-offs at sporting events before, but never anything this amazing. These two are the best.


3. WTF

shirtless trail blazers fan dancing - dancing sports fan gifs

Imagine you’re at a Portland Trail Blazers game, and suddenly your section turns into some sort of weird S&M club. That would be awkward, no?


2. Twerkin Bills Fan

twerking buffalo bills fan - dancing sports fan gifs

So this is why people still go to Buffalo Bills games.


1. The Royals Belly Dancer

dancing royals fan and chris farley - dancing sports fan gifs

knew this guy reminding me of somebody!