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20 Hottest NFL Cheerleaders of 2013

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, December 11, 2013

hottest nfl cheerleaders 2013

Well, it’s mid-December, which means there is good new and bad news for all you fans of NFL cheerleaders.

The bad news? It’s freaking cold out there, so when games are played outside the girls are going to be all bundled up.

The good ? Now that it’s cold outside, it’s time to warm you all up with our annual list of the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL.

Yes, while some folks like to present their rankings at the beginning of the season, we think it makes more sense to wait until the season is mostly over to make the call.  For starters, most NFL cheerleading squads don’t have their websites updated until after the season begins. And, more importantly, it really helps to see everyone in action before passing judgement.

But enough of the introduction. You’re probably ready to see this year’s rankings. So, everyone, right this way…


20. Casey – New England Patriots Cheerleaders

20 New England Patriots Cheerleader Casey - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Some things change, others stay the same. Such is the case with the important things in life, as well as lists of hot cheerleaders.

Last year there were no New England Patriots Cheerleaders on the list. This year there is one. Her name is Casey, and she has a Bachelor of Science in fashion and retail merchandising which she hope to use by—can you guess?—starting her own fashion label.

Best of luck, Casey.


19. Veronica Ann – Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

19 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Veronica Ann - hottest NFL Cheerleaders 2013

As the most famous cheerleading squad in the world, the DCCs always have number of gorgeous women on their roster. However, this year Veronica Ann was one of the ones that really stood out from the pack.


18. Idelys – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

18 Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Idelys - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

On last year’s list, the lovely Idelys came in at number ten. Did she get less hot? No, she’s still pretty ridiculous. However, the competition got a little stronger–kind of like annual currency inflation, only awesome.


17. Geraldine – Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals

17 Seattle Seahawks Sea Gals Geraldine - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

We’re going to go out on a limb and say this is the hottest woman named Geraldine you have ever seen in your life.

Are we right?

16. Maigan – Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

16 Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Maigan - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

When you’re an NFL cheerleader, you don’t spell your name “Megan” or “Meghan” like a regular person. You spell it “Maigan,” because you’re special.


15. Jessica – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

jessica miami dolphins cheerleader

Jessica is in her second season with the Dolphins Cheerleaders, and  second of four from that squad to make the list.

What can we say? Miami girls are just amazing. We probably could have put about 10 Dolphins Cheerleaders on the list and no one would complain.


14. Melissa – San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush

14 San Francisco 49ers Gold Rush Melissa- hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Last year we put Melissa here, now in her fourth year with the Gold Rush, 17th on the list. In hindsight, that seems kind of low. So we made the correction.


13. Mariel – Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders

13 Tennessee Titans Cheerleaders Mariel - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Mariel is a student majoring in public relations and minoring in dance. She has one hell of an internship, wouldn’t you say?


12. Emily H. – Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders

12 Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Emily H - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Raise your hand if you like sculpted abs? Okay, now put your hands down and give this University of Kansas alum a round of applause.


11. Lesha – Houston Texans Cheerleaders

11 Houston Texans Cheerleader Lesha - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

According to Lesha’s very informative bio, her favorite TV show is Keeping Up with the Kardashians and her favorite movie is—obviously—Bring It On.

Oh, and she hopes to one day be a plastic surgeon…presumably because she wants to make everyone as hot as her.


10. Chelsey – Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders

10 Philadelphia-Eagles-Cheerleader Chelsea - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Last year Chelsey ranked sixth. Obviously it was a tough year for the incumbents, but she held her own pretty well.



9. Brooke – Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders

9 Kansas City Cheerleaders Brooke - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Please ignore the ridiculous makeup and photoshop touchups and just focus on how crazy hot Brooke is. Now you have three reasons to visit Kansas City: the barbecue, the Chiefs, and her.


8. Heather – Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

8 Washington Redskins Cheerleaders Heather - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Maybe it’s just the painted-on bikini talking, but we think Heather here is pretty incredible. (If she looks familiar to you, maybe it’s because you saw her here.)


7. Brianne – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

7 Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Brianne - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Last year Brianne ranked ninth. But, as with Gold Rush cheerleader Melissa, we have since realized the errors of our ways. Please forgive us, Brianne.


6. Nicole – Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

6 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Nicole Bulcher - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

This year’s highest ranking Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader is All-American (crazy hot) girl nextdoor Nicole. In the immortal words of John Stamos in the role of Uncle Jesse on Full House…have mercy.


5. Erica Nicole – Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleders

5 Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders Erica Nicole - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Last week Erica Nicole was all bundled up in a parka with the rest of the Eagles Cheerleaders. But here’s how she looks when the weather isn’t so wintry.


4. Ciara – Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders

4 Indianapolis Colts Cheerleader Ciara - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

When the Beach Boys sang about “midwest farmers’ daughters,” I highly doubt they had women like Ciara in mind.

In any case, this is Ciara’s first year with the Colts Cheerleaders. Let’s hope she’s around for many years to come.


3. Laura – Carolina Panthers TopCats

3 Carolina Panthers Cheerleader Laura - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

TopCats Cheerleader Laura is a teacher. Her male students probably have the lowest test scores in the state. There’s no way they’re learning anything while she is in the room.


2. Grace – Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

2 Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Grace - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Last year Grace was number three. This year there was a void in the number two spot, so she moved up one.

Obviously, she’s very deserving.


1. Mila – Washington Redskins Cheerleaders

1 Washington Redskins Cheerleader Mila - hottest NFL cheerleaders 2013

Number one for the second year in a row is Redskins Cheerleader Mila. This is her fourth year with the Washington squad and she shows no signs of decline. Will anyone ever dethrone her?

We’ll have to wait until next year to find out.