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by: Esteban On  Thursday, December 12, 2013

amazing diving catch pee wee football

We’ve still got a way to go until the real Super Bowl, and of course we have no idea who will be playing in it, let alone whether there will can expect some remarkable touchdown catches.

However, until then we’ve got pee wee football. Or, more specifically, we’ve got the Pop Warner Pee Wee Division II Quarterfinals between the Creeks Outlaws from Florida and the Ward 5 Warriors from Washington DC.

On Tuesday, the Outlaws trounced the Warriors 28-0 to advance to the national semifinals on Friday. Their final touchdown of the game? Just a 20-yard strike to the corner of the endzone that was only caught thanks to a ridiculous diving catch.

Take a look:

Is that awesome or what? That kid’s name is Garrett Denny, and last night he made the SportsCenter Top 10.

Did you make the SC Top 10 when you were 11 years old? Yeah, neither did I. So Garrett must be on cloud nine today.

Hat Tip – [Bob’s Blitz]