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by: Esteban On  Friday, December 13, 2013

dad saves daughter at knicks game

Most of the time, if we’re writing up a story about a parent and their child at a sporting event, it’s about the protective parental instincts being overcome by the instinct to grab a rare souvenir. I’ve seen a mom drop her kid to grab a hockey stick, a dad drop his kid to catch a foul ball, and a dad run over his kid to grab a home run ball.

Today, however, we have the opposite—a parent actually being a parent and keep their kid out of harm’s way.

Weird, right?

The scene went down earlier this week at the Bulls-Knicks game at Madison Square Garden. Bulls forward Tony Snell dove into the crowd to keep a ball from going out of bounds, and a dad sitting courtside with his daughter managed to pull her out of harm’s way in the knick (see what I did there?) of time.

Check it out:

Way to go, New York guy. Aside from allowing your daughter to wear that World Peace hat, you didn’t suck at parenting!