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The 35 Best Sports GIFs of 2013

by: Esteban On  Thursday, December 19, 2013
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best sports gifs 2013

I hope you’re not already sick of end-of-year lists yet, because today we’ve got a good one for you: the best animated GIFs from the world of sports in 2013.

Now, don’t go confusing this with a “top plays” list. A great play can make a great GIF, but not necessarily. Funny, unlikely, terrible, weird, embarrassing, or absurd moments make just as good if not better GIFs than remarkable plays. So this list will have a little bit of everything.

Take a look, and let us know which one was your personal favorite.


35. Hey, I'm on TV!

35 kid walks into wall (best sports gifs of 2013)

This young NASCAR fan got on ESPN in October. I can only assume he is now the coolest kid in his school.


34. Squeeze O' the Crotch

34 troy tulowitzki grabs junk (best sports gifs of 2013)

I’m pretty sure that’s sexual harassment, Tulo.


33. Epic Videobomb

33 cincinnati bearcats baseball videobombing (best sports gifs of 2013)

Forget Chris Bosh. These guys know how to videobomb.


32. First Pitch

32 crazy ceremonial first pitch (best sports gifs of 2013)

The acrobatics were impressive, but not nearly as impressive as the subsequent throw. Some women can’t throw that well even when they aren’t flipping and spinning all over the place.



31 denard robinson excited friend on draft day (best sports gifs of 2013)

One of Denard Robinson’s friends was super excited to be in an NFL entourage.


30. Nice Tackle

30 giants touchdown vs cowboys (best sports gifs of 2013)

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2013 Dallas Cowboys.


29. Indiana's Helmet Reaction

29 indiana football players react to new helmets (best sports gifs of 2013)

In case some of you wondered why so many college football teams are going nuts with their uniforms, creating about 15 combinations and using “special uniforms” a couple times a year…this is why. This is how the Indiana football team reacted to the unveiling of their new helmets this year.

Like it or not, the “modern” uniforms attract recruits.


28. Defense, Ovechkin Style

28 ovechkin controller disconneted (best sports gifs of 2013)

That’s the 2013 MVP winner, folks.

(I wish I knew who made this GIF. I would give them credit, because it is kind of genius.)


27. Yu's Arsenal

27 yu darvish pitch arsenal (best sports gifs of 2013)

The efficacy of Yu Darvish in 2013, explained in one single GIF.


26. Tender Moment

26 touchig ray lewis moment (best sports gifs of 2013)

Oh Ray…we’ll always have Paris.


25. Teamwork

25 florida-players-block-each-other-best-college-football-gifs-2013 (best sports gifs of 2013)

Can you believe the Gators fired their offensive coordinator and offensive line coach this year?


24. Nut Punch!

24 boozer punches ref in junk (best sports gifs of 2013)

You simply have not lived until you’ve been punched in the junk by Carlos Boozer.


23. High Five?

23 tom brady left hanging (best sports gifs of 2013)

Julian Edelman just left Tom Brady hanging. Isn’t that the saddest thing you ever saw?


22. High Five!

22 tom brady high five (best sports gifs of 2013)

The next week, Tom stood up in front of everybody in the locker room and told them to f**king give him a high five when he asks for it or else, because he was tired of looking like an idiot.


21. Self-Dentistry

21 dupuis pulls own teeth (best sports gifs of 2013)

Pascal Dupuis pulling his own tooth is why is love hockey players.


20. The Obstruction Call

20 world series obstruction call (best sports gifs of 2013)

The Red Sox another World Series this year, but if they hadn’t this play would have gone from famous to infamous—at least in New England.


19. Gareth Bale Doesn't Suck

20 amazing gareth bale free kick goal (best sports gifs of 2013)

Goals like this are why Real Madrid paid $123 million for Gareth Bale this year.


18. Killer Kyrie Crossover

19 insane kyrie irving crossover (best sports gifs of 2013)

And plays like this are why the kids in Cleveland are already begging Kyrie Irving not to leave like LeBron.


17. Posterized

18 postization of the year (best sports gifs of 2013)

Victor Dukes of the Arkansas State Red Wolves gave us the dunk of the year in college basketball.


16. Rugby!

17 new-zealand-high-school-rugby-hit-rugby-tackle-hit-gifs (best sports gifs of 2013)

Meanwhile, high school rugby players in New Zealand remind to never mess with high school rugby players from New Zealand.


15. Catch of the Year?

16 ucf-j.j.-worton-amazing-touchdown-catch-best-college-football-gifs-2013 (best sports gifs of 2013)

Central Florida’s J.J. Wooten did this, which is just ridiculous.


14. Heads Up, Brandon

15 brandon fields hold fail football to face (best sports gifs of 2013)

I think after this Brandon Fields is going to stick to punting.


13. Goal of the Year?

14 insane ibrahimovic goal (best sports gifs of 2013)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is no stranger to amazing goals (or sports bras), but the dude really outdid himself with this one.

12. LeFail

13 lebron airball layup (best sports gifs of 2013)

LeBron may be the best basketball player in the world, but even he has brief moments when he really sucks. And when those moments happen, we laugh.


11. LeFlop

11 lebron flop against pacers (best sports gifs of 2013)

Also, sometimes LeBron flops. And we laugh at that, too.


10. Apparently He Is Afraid

10 eminem-on-college-gameday-michigan-notre-dame-best-college-football-gifs-2013 (best sports gifs of 2013)

Eminem stopped by the booth to chat with Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit during the Michigan-Notre Dame game, and this happened.


9. Duncan Is Some Kind of Wizard

9 tim duncan cures manu ginobili's bald spot (best sports gifs of 2013)

I knew Tim Duncan was ageless, but I didn’t know he could turn back the clock for other players as well.


8. The Immaculate Deflection

8 auburn touchdown vs uga (best sports gifs of 2013)

Let us not forget how Auburn got to their showdown against Alabama with just one L on their schedule when their playing FSU for the National Championship next month.


7. The Reaction

7 uga coaches react to touchdown (best sports gifs of 2013)

Let us also not forget how the Georgia coaches felt when that happened.


6. The Moonwalk

6 mj moonwalk osu marching band (best sports gifs of 2013)

The amazing Ohio State Marching Band made everyone care about marching bands when they performed the moonwalk as Michael Jackson.


5. The Greatest

muhammad ali gif

You just watched this GIF for five straight minutes, didn’t you?


4. The Hit

5 jadaveon clowney hit outback bowl (best sports gifs of 2013)

One of the best plays of the year in any sport just so happened to come on January first, when Jadaveon Clowney absolutely destroyed Michigan’s Vincent Smith at the Outback Bowl.

No wonder some people are saying might Clowney go #1 in the draft.


3. Lob City

4 deandre jordan dunk (best sports gifs of 2013)

DeAndre Jordan gave us the dunk of the year in the NBA, and pretty much one of the greatest sports highlights of the year for any sports.


2. The Knockout

2 anderson silva knockout (best sports gifs of 2013)

Remember when Anderson Silva got knocked out by Chris Weidman? It was kind of a big deal.


1. Three-Peat Killer

1 auburn touchdown 1 (best sports gifs of 2013)

Of course, how could the number one sports GIF of 2013 be anything other than the single most exciting and significant play of the year—the 109-yard field goal return sent Auburn to the SEC Championship Game (and ultimately to the BCS National Championship Game) and ruined Alabama’s hope for a three-peat.

In. Sane.