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Mark Dantonio Dodges the Traditional Gatorade Shower After Michigan State’s Rose Bowl Win (GIF)

by: Esteban On  Thursday, January 2, 2014

mark dantonio dodges gatorade shower

Everyone knew Michigan State had a really good year. However, they needed a victory in the Rose Bowl to turn a really good year into a truly great one.

Sure, they went 8-0 in the Big Ten and beat Ohio State, knocking the Buckeyes out of the BCS championship conversation. But we all knew OSU’s record was the product of a soft schedule, so that wasn’t the feather in the cap the Spartans were looking for. What they really needed was their first Rose Bowl victory in 26 years and a program-defining win over Pac-12 champion Stanford. And as you probably know, they got it. Yesterday the #4 Spartans beat the #5 Cardinals, 24-20.

Given that it was Michigan State’s first Rose Bowl win in a quarter century, everyone was pretty pumped up. So obviously the players attempted to give head coach Mark Dantonio the customary Gatorade shower when they knew they had the victory locked up.

Unfortunately, Dantonio was no fun at all, and he used his ninja-like reflexes to dodge the shower.

mark dantonio dodges gatorade shower

Of course, you know this won’t be the end of it. The players are going to be looking to get Dantonio back for that. He’s going to have to watch his back.

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