Here’s a Sneak Peak of the NBA ‘Nickname’ Jerseys that Will Be Worn by the Heat and Nets

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The NBA has finally realized what the other major professional sports leagues have known for at least a decade now: any excuse to wear “special edition” jerseys is a good excuse.

The NFL and MLB have been having their teams wear “throwbacks” for certain games for years, and even the NHL got in on the act by adding “third jerseys” and the special edition Winter Classic sweaters. However, the NBA is relatively new to the scene. They only introduced their “Christmas Jersey” concept in 2012, so that is just two years old. But at least they are catching on now.

So what’s the latest excuse to get fans to buy more gear?  That would be the much-talked-about “Nickname Game” between the Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets on January 10. The actual jerseys won’t be any different, but the players’ nicknames will replace their real names on the back. So instead of “James” on the back of LeBron James‘ jersey, fans will see “King James”; instead of Pierce on the back of Paul Pierce‘s jersey, they’ll see “Truth”; and instead of Allen on the back of Ray Allen‘s jersey, they’ll see “J. Shuttlesworth.”

Then fans can go buy the official game jerseys, the official replicas, or the t-shirts.

Here’s a sneak peak:

brooklyn nets nickname jerseys

miami heat nickname jerseys

brooklyn nets nickname jerseys 2

Of course, you may be wondering who’ll be wearing the jersey with the Cyrillic name. Well, that would be Andrei Kirilenko. The league nixed the idea of him wearing his actual nickname—AK-47—on the back on his jersey. You know, because it’s a gun.

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