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5 Reasons The Seahawks Will Win The Superbowl, And 4 Reasons They Won’t

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Seattle_Seahawks reasons they will and wont win the superbowl

The Seahawks are a great team. They’re tied with the Broncos for the best record in the NFL. But will it be enough to get the beleaguered sports town a Super Bowl trophy? Absolutely yes. Or definitely no.

In case you don’t know how this works, here are five reasons why they could win the Super Bowl, and four reasons why they couldn’t. We like to hedge our bets, because we’re shrewd gamblers.

Why They Will 5: Homefield at CenturyLink

5. Century link,/p>

Right now, the Seattle homefield advantage might not just be considered the biggest in football, but perhaps all sports. Opposing offenses that hinge on audibles, communications, and snap counts need to hear each other to make those things work, and in Seattle, the fans will make too much noise for them to hear a thing.

A lot has been made of Seattle’s homefield advantage, so I won’t beat it to death here, but they’ve got it through the playoffs, so it’s something in their favor that warrants mentioning.

Why They Will 4: Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll, Russell Wilson

Carroll had a rough go of it in his earlier head coaching forays in New England and New York, but being the most successful coach in the nation (arguably) at USC gave him two things he needed: respect and confidence.

Since acquiring those, his time has in Seattle has continued to trend upward, and he’s established himself as one of the best tactical coaches in the NFL. Not only does he know what to do, but he knows what to do with the personnel at his disposal. That difference may seem small, but it’s not.

Why They Will 3: Russell Wilson is Getting Better and Better

3. Russell Wilson

In his first two seasons, Russell Wilson has as many touchdown passes as Peyton Manning did. That’s not to say that Wilson will become the next Peyton Manning, but it does speak to his efficacy. Further, while he’s only been in the league for two years, to call him inexperienced is dismissive. He’s gotten a crazy amount of education and success in two years, and as long as he’s healthy, I would expect him to become more and more dangerous with every game.

Why They Will 2: Their First Game Is…Favorable


It’s the playoffs, so nothing is a sure thing. And even if it was, a win against the Saints doesn’t mean a win the week after. Or two weeks after that.

However, if you’re going to start your playoff run, it’s nice to be able to do it against a team you blew out six weeks ago, and after a week’s rest. And after your opponent ground out a close 26-24 win.

Again, it doesn’t guarantee anything, but it puts them in good position to succeed in that game, and thereafter.

Why They Will 1: The Best Record in the League

1. Best Record

Upon revisiting their schedule this year, it’s clear that the Seahawks didn’t have a particularly nasty slate. They schooled the Saints, and split with the 49ers. Other than that, they rolled over some pretty easy teams.

But that’s not to say they haven’t been tested, and passed. Their wins may not have come against the toughest schedule, but they did come from different successes among the team. The running game, defensive secondary, and quarterback have all stepped up to show a team that, despite its ease of schedule, is the best in the league. (Tied with the Broncos)

They’re used to winning and they’ll keep winning.

Why They Won’t 4: Too Few Big Games

4. Big Games

Forget what I just said. It’s now time to argue the counterpoint, and a point can be made that the big games just aren’t there to consider the Hawks the favorites. Teams like Denver, New England, and San Fran have played bigger games this season, and have comparable records.

It’s often silly to pit QB’s against each other, since they’re never on the field at the same time, but Wilson is junior to the QB of every team I just named, and they all stand in his way to the Super Bowl.

Why They Won’t 3: Weather

Cardinals Patriots Football

I’m not saying that Seattle is a bastion of tropical sunshine and breezes, but with the Super Bowl being played in New York in February, it’s hard to put a team with little cold weather experience in the NFC West as a favorite. It would be one thing if they had 1991 Joe Montana at QB or something, but Wilson hasn’t been in the league long enough to tough out these types of things, so even if they get there, they wouldn’t be the favorite, all other things held equal.

Why They Won’t 2: Their Roster Isn’t Deep

2. Roster

Sure, they have good success at QB, a competent running game, and some great coverage, but the Seahawks are a team that could be easily outmatched, especially by teams strong enough to make it to the late stages of the playoffs. As I mentioned, they’they’ve gotten by in tough games, but most of those were against weaker teams.

If they are going head to head against a juggernaut, they’re going to need some of their less distinguished players to step up to get the job done. And we haven’t seen much of that this year.

Why They Won’t 1. Denver, San Fran, and New England

1. Broncos

It’s not a specific reflection on the Seahawks, but record aside, it’s hard to believe that they belong in the Super Bowl, let alone are the favorites to win it. Peyton Manning has single handedly scored more touchdowns than most entire teams this season, and he’s been playing in the cold for two years. Tom Brady has more playoff football experience than almost any other QB ever (and more success), and the 49ers will be waiting for the Seahawks as an obstacle to the big game.

It’s possible, but you can’t put money on it. Wait. Yes you can.