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Adam LaRoche and 17 Other Pro Athletes Who Kill Animals in Their Spare Time

by: Esteban On  Monday, January 13, 2014
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athletes who hunt (athletes who are avid hunters)

Last week, Washington Nationals first baseman Adam LaRoche made headlines across the interwebs after a Facebook pic of him holding a dead mountain lion—which he had just killed—went viral. As you would expect, some people denounced LaRoche for slaughtering such a beautiful, majestic creature when he could have given it a hug, while others praised his machismo and immediately proclaimed him the manliest manly man in pro sports.

Of course, regardless of where you stand on the issue, the fact is Adam LaRoche is hardly the first pro athlete to take an interest in shooting animals. Lots of pros, both past and present, have been avid hunters. Some you probably know and others you probably don’t. But one thing is for sure: there is no shortage of them. And today we’re going to take a look at the most notable ones.

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17. Jon Lester

17 jon lester hunting - athletes who are hunters

I wonder which trophy Jon Lester values more: this eight-point buck, or the Commissioner’s Trophy he helped the Boston Red Sox win this year by allowing just two runs over 15.1 innings against the Cardinals in the 2013 World Series?

Okay, it’s probably the Commissioner’s Trophy. But I’m sure the Tacoma, Washington, native is proud of his bucks, too.


16. Adam Wainwright

16 adam wainwright hunting - athletes who are hunters

Speaking of the 2013 World Series, Adam Wainwright of the St. Louis Cardinals is also an avid hunter. And in his case, I’m sure he would have traded this eight-pointer for a World Series do-over. He went 0-2 and gave up six earned runs in 12 innings for an ERA of 4.50—which is pretty bad for a perennial Cy Young contender.


15. Dale Earnhardt

15 dale earnhardt deer hunting - athletes who are hunters

Was NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt an avid hunter? Of course. In fact, his love of hunting sometimes rivaled his love of racing. In 1992, after getting a terrible seat at the annual NASCAR Awards Banquet, Earnhardt reportedly said to his buddy Rusty Wallace, “This sucks, I could have gone hunting.”


14. Dale Earnhardt Jr.

14 dale earnhardt jr deer hunting - athletes who are hunters

Like father, like son…except on the race track of course, where there is absolutely no comparison. (Sorry, Junior.)


13. Kirk Gibson


Kirk Gibson, who hit one of the most famous home runs in the history of baseball, is a very avid deer hunter. In fact, he owns his own 1,300 acre hunting ranch in Michigan along with former teammate David Wells and new World Series champion Jake Peavy.


12. Brett Favre

12 brett favre hunting - athletes who are hunters

When he’s not texting pictures of his dong to hot babes or making fun of himself in Foot Locker commercials, you can find good ole’ Mississippi boy Brett Favre sitting quietly in a field, waiting for the perfect shot.


11. Chipper Jones

11 chipper jones hunting - athletes who are hunters

Speaking of good old boys, they don’t come any gooder or older than former Atlanta Braves great Chipper Jones. And man, does this dude love huntin’ some bucks. Along with the guy who inspired this list (that’s Adam LaRoche, for those of you with a short attention span) and Willie Robertson (yes, the guy from Duck Dynasty), Jones is the co-owner of the Outdoor Channel show Buck Commander. He’s also got his own show on The Sportsman Channel called Major League Bowhunter.


10. Brad Miller

10 brad miller bear hunter - athletes who are hunters

Former NBA center Brad Miller doesn’t just hunt regular animals, like deer. No, this dude hunts things like alligators and bears. (Which apparently is legal. Who knew?) And apparently he texts pictures of all his kills to friends—none of whom are members of PETA, I assume.


9. John Riggins

9 john riggins (hall of fame running back) - athletes who are hunters

John Riggins is a former All-Pro running back with 11,352 career yards, a Super Bowl ring, a Super Bowl MVP award, and a plaque in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. However, since retiring from football he’s devoted all his time to hunting, and now he even has his own TV show on the Sportsman Channel called Hunt.Fish.Feed. 

Hunt.Fish.Feed isn’t your typical hunting show where they just shoot animals for the hell of it. No, on this show, they feed the hungry with the game meat and fish they catch. Pretty cool, no?


8. Karl Malone

8 karl malone elk hunter - athletes who are hunters

If it bleeds, Karl Malone can (and eventually probably will) kill it. The Mailman is a very avid hunter, and you can find pictures of him next to all kinds of dead animals—deer, giant elk, rams, and even grizzly bears.

Yes, grizzly bears.


7. Ted Williams

7 ted williams african cape buffalo - athletes who are hunters

The only thing the Splendid Splinter enjoyed more than hitting baseballs was going on crazy Safaris and bagging wild animals like this here African cape buffalo. In fact, after Williams died, his third wife, Dolores Wettach, auctioned off a bunch of his hunting trophies—including some ash trays made out of the hoofs of the very cape buffalo you see here.


6. Babe Ruth

6 babe ruth hunting party - athletes who are hunters

Did Babe Ruth like to hunt? Yes, Babe Ruth liked to hunt. And when he was done, he and his buddies would strap the dead animals all over their car and drive around town trying to pick up chicks.

(I made up the part about trying to pick up chicks…but it’s probably true.)


5. David Booth

5 david booth elk - athletes who are hunters

Vancouver Canucks forward David Booth is the Adam LaRoche of the NHL. Last year he made a pretty big splash of his own when a picture of himself and a giant (dead) mountain goat went viral, and since then he’s become one of the most famous hunters in pro sports.


4. Chris Kaman

4 chris kaman hunting guns - athletes who are hunters

If you don’t already think Chris Kaman is one of the creepiest dudes in the NBA, just do a Google image search of “Chris Kaman hunting” and tell me he doesn’t look like a serial killer.


3. Jared Allen


Some guys go out and mow down deer with semi-automatic rifles. Jared Allen went spear hunting on the television show Relentless Pursuit.

Yes, spear hunting. If hunting takes man back to his primal roots, Jared Allen got to the primalest roots of all.


2. Bo Jackson

2 bo jackson hunting room - athletes who are hunters

Bo knows bow hunting. That’s why he has his own bow hunting show called Bo-Hunting on the Sportsman Channel. 


1. Shaquille O'Neal

1 shaq hunting - athletes who are hunters

No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is Shaquille O’Neal standing over some sort of dead beast. The Big Aristotle apparently goes on hunting trips all the time—and he calls them “ShaqFaris,” which is pretty much the best.