Alpine Skier Barely Avoids Catastrophic Collision with TV Crew Member During World Cup Event (GIF)

henrik kristoffersen almost collides with camera guy

We see clips of pro athletes colliding with camera operators all the time, and it’s usually kind of funny. Because really, who doesn’t love a good nutshot?

However, occasionally we’ll see incidents involving camera operators that are actually pretty terrifying. And these incidents pretty much all have one thing in common: they happen in sports where objects or people move at very high speeds.

There was, for example, this camera operator’s close call with a Dustin Johnson tee shot, and this camera operator’s close call with an F1 race car tire. Now there is this:

henrik kristoffersen cameraman

That’s 19-year-old Norwegian pro skier Henrik Kristoffersen nearly colliding with a (totally clueless) TV crew member during his giant slalom run at the World Cup event in Abelboden, Switzerland, on Saturday. Of course, they don’t go nearly as fast in giant slalom as they do in the downhill, but Kristoffersen was still going fast enough that a collision could have done some major damage. So everyone is pretty damn lucky to get out unscathed.

How did the kid handle the adversity, though? Pretty well. He obviously was granted a restart for this run, and later Kristoffersen would tweet this:

henrik kristoffersen tweet

Then the next day he went out and placed third in the regular men’s slalom event.

This kid is a cool customer. Bring on the Olympics.

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