Amar’e Stoudemire’s Pass to No One Knocks Over a Bunch of Drinks and Delays the Game (Video)

hot chick courtside at knicks bobcats spilled drinks

Well kids, it’s apparently time for another installment of “Why the Knicks Suck.” This week, the star of the show is Amar’e Stoudemire. And Jason Kidd, if you are reading this, you’re going to want to take some notes, because Amar’e is going to demonstrate how to delay a game and not get fined.

Last night, the New York Knicks travelled to Charlotte to play the Bobcats. With about a minute left in the 3rd quarter and the home team up by five, the Knicks’ got the ball to Stoudemire—who will be paid $21,679,893 to play basketball this year—and he promptly threw the ball into the stands, where it hit a bunch of food and beverages like a bowling ball striking the pins.  As a result, the game was delayed for about 30 seconds while some stadium workers cleaned up the mess.

Take a look:

Did you see Stoudemire get a “nice work” high five from Beno Udrih there? That’s how you get a timeout without actually using up a timeout. Incidentally, it’s also a great way to meet the *cough* hot chicks sitting courtside.

Of course, the only problem for the Nets and any other team who might want to try this is that it will really only work for the Knicks. If it were any other team in the NBA the refs would be suspicious, but the Knickerbockers got away with it because they do really stupid things all the time.

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