Tom Brady’s EPIC High-Five Fails Turns into Awesome PSA (Video)

Tom Brady Left Hanging Yet Again

Tom Brady‘s season with the New England Patriots came to a crushing end on Sunday night, but even that paled in comparison to Brady’s emotionally devastating inability to get a high-five from any of his teammates all season long (okay, that’s a slight exaggeration, but still).

Now, like all funny things, Brady‘s plight to get a high-five has become the subject of a humorous video. This one is a fake infomercial/public service announcement from What’s Trending, and it’s called, “Tom Brady Can’t Get A High-Five” (look, I never said the name of the video was going to be a creative one). It shows, in ultra-serious PSA fashion, how despite all the perks of Brady’s existence, all he really wants is a high-five. And now you can give him one for less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

Take a look at “Tom Brady Can’t Get A High Five” from What’s Trending below. And even if you don’t have a minute and a half to spare on watching the video, for God’s sake, could you at least give the guy a high-five? Ask yourself, what do you really have to lose? He’s been through so much. Thank you.


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