Auburn Marching Band’s Reaction to the Touchdown that Won the 2013 Iron Bowl is Priceless (Video)

auburn band reacts to iron bowl win

Auburn may have lost the BCS National Championship game to Florida State, but they still had one hell of a season that featured perhaps the most incredible game-winning play in the history of college football.

Yes, that’s right. Better than “The Play” from the Cal-Stanford game in ’82. I mean, I get it. The band was out on the field. Yes, there were three-hundred laterals. But come one, the Golden Bears finished 7-4 that year while the Cardinal finished 5-6. “The Play” was amazing, but it hardly mattered.

The insane 109-yard field goal return by Chris Davis mattered. It didn’t just win any old rivalry game. It destroyed Bama’s chance to play for a third straight National Championship, and it put Auburn in the big game instead. That’s a meaningful outcome.

Of course, you’ve probably seen the play a hundred times by now. But today we’re getting a new way to experience it: through the eyes of the Auburn marching band. Just watch how they reacted to the most famous “Kick Six” in college football history:

Honestly, I don’t know if I’ll ever get tired of hearing that call. What a play.

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