Turns Out the Sexy Pro Bowl Streaker Did It for a Good Cause

katrina torres pro bowl streaker i did it for gary

Yesterday, when you read about the bikni-wearing Pro Bowl streaker and how she is actually a fitness model named Katrina Torres, you probably just assumed that she hopped onto the field and ran around like an idiot to get a little free publicity. After all, we did figure out her name and direct you to her Instagram feed.

Well, now you’re going to feel like a jerk. Turns out Katrina didn’t do it for the Instagram followers. She did it for her cousin, Gary. He was in a motorcycle accident two years ago and is now paralyzed and unable to speak. Apparently he always wanted to go to the Pro Bowl but is now unable. So Torres gave him a vicarious thrill by running onto the field in his honor.

Still not buying her story? Well, Deion Sanders did. He’s the reason why Torres didn’t end up in prison. He heard her telling security guards why she did it, and he saw that she had “I did it 4 Gary” written on her back, so he intervened and got her set free.

Check out the whole story as reporter by KHON News right here:

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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