The 15 Hottest Cheerleaders of Super Bowl XLVIII

hottest cheerleaders super bowl xlviii (super bowl cheerleaders)

We here at Total Pro Sports are committed to covering Super Bowl XLVIII from every possible angle. Of course, by “every possible angle” we mean “anything angle having to do with attractive women,” and by “covering” we mean “so long as we don’t have to leave the couch.” But still, we’re committed. So last week we brought you the Super Bowl WAGs, and this week we’re tackling the cheerleaders. Because hey, somebody’s got to, and the “real” media too busy asking players about flatulence, strippers, and Justin Bieber at media day to bring you the stories you really need.

In any case, as you may recall it was the Broncos who won the WAG Bowl. Will the Seahawks strike back and take the Cheer Bowl?

There’s only one way to find out…


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