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Here Are the Most Absurd Questions from Super Bowl XLVIII Media Day

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, January 29, 2014

richard sherman super bowl media day

Ah, Super Bowl media day. In terms of learning actual useful information about football, it might just be the most useless day of the season. The whole point is to give members of the press access to the players so they can get first-hand quotes for the stories they are going to write about the Super Bowl. But do the players really say anything worth reporting? Is Peyton Mannings going to divulge his actual plan for attacking the already-legendary Seattle secondary? Is Marshawn Lynch suddenly going to open up and wow everyone with a discourse on United State foreign and economic policy? Nope. The only real story on media day is media day. And they make this happen by asking absolutely ridiculous questions.

This year was certainly no exception. At yesterday’s free-for-all at the Prudential Center for Super Bowl XLVIII, there were some real gems from people who are actual accredited members of the press.

For example, there was this classy and totally football-related question asked of Denver WR Demaryius Thomas:

demaryius thomas - stupidest questionssuper bowl xlviii media day

And there was this one from somebody who maybe doesn’t know what “must-win” means:

shaun phillips - stupidest questionssuper bowl xlviii media day

Then there was this bit of genius, which will probably be part of a story that ends up winning a Pulitzer:

smelliest farts - stupidest questionssuper bowl xlviii media day

And let’s not forget the person who obviously knows absolutely nothing about Peyton Manning and his legendary work ethic:

manning snl - stupidest questionssuper bowl xlviii media day

Give this guy credit for some originality, at least:

danny trevathan - stupidest questionssuper bowl xlviii media day

And, frankly, if it’s true that Eric Decker does not actually wear a cup, this one is pretty reasonable:

eric decker - stupidest questionssuper bowl xlviii media day

But as you would expect, media villain/hero Richard Sherman got the best ones. There was this one, for example, which was probably asked by a TMZ camera dude:

richard sherman justin bieber - stupidest questionssuper bowl xlviii media day

And then, putting a feather in the pimp hat that is NFL media day, there was this question about…strippers?

Go journalism!

Hat Tip – [Shutdown Corner]