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29 Awkward Winter Sports Fail GIFs

by: Esteban On  Friday, September 5, 2014

winter sports fail gifs

I’m sure the upcoming XXII Olympic Winter Games are going to features some truly incredible athletic performances that amaze and inspire us. However, the they will also certainly feature some truly epic fail, because, man, these sports are hard.

It’s not like the Winter athletes are just running and jumping and swimming, all of which come somewhat naturally to human beings. No, they’re flying down the side of a mountain with their feet strapped to a plank, or flying though the air doing summersaults, or sliding around on ice with razor sharp blades on their feet trying to do tricks. In all of these endeavors, the line between success and failure is razor thin.

So today, to get us all prepared for the 2014 Winter Games, here is a list of pretty awesome winter sports fails. Some of the athletes are highly skilled and some of them are not. However, they’re all really easy to laugh at from the comfort of your desk chair, so take a look.


29. Why You Don't Ski Jump

freestyle ski jump fall - winter sports fails

Because that looks pretty painful


28. Failure to Launch

figure skating jump fail - winter sports fails

Usually they just worry about sticking the landing, but this poor woman needs to practice taking off.


27. Anyone Seen My Ski?

ski in bus window - winter sports fails

I’m not sure what’s going on here. It could be totally staged. But let’s assume it’s not, in which case this is pretty amazing.


26. Dedicated Journalist

reporter falls on ice - winter sports fails

Can you believe this intrepid reporter just got right up and continued her story? That’s what you call professionalism.


25. Face Grind

ski slopestyle fail - winter sports fails

Now that slopestyle skiing has been added to the Olympics program (much to the dismay of Bob Costas), you can look forward to lots of this.

Well okay, probably not. The competitors are probably going to be a bit better than this guy.


24. Close Call

Ski-Flip-Almost-Hits-Person close call - winter sports fails

I guess this technically isn’t a fail since there was no collision, but I bet this chick sure felt like a failure at life when she soiled her pants.


23. Heads Up

speed skaters collide - winter sports fails

Seriously, when you are ice skating, “heads up” isn’t just some meaningless thing people say, like “have a nice day” or “bless you.” You really should probably watch where you are going.


22. MMA Pairs Figure Skating

figure skating face punch - winter sports fails

Don’t think male figure skaters are tough? This guy flings this girl in the air, takes an elbow to the nose, but stays on his feet to catch her and finish the routine. He’s like a hockey player in a leotard.


21. Amateur Freestyle Is Hilarious

freestyle skiing fail - winter sports fails

I guess every great Olympic freestyle skier had to start somewhere, right?


20. She's on a Boat

figure skater trips on boat - winter sports fails

Um, guys? Who left this boat here?


19. More Slopestyle Hilarity

skiing slopestyle fail - winter sports fails

Seriously, I’m starting to get worried about how much I enjoy watching people fall on skis.


18. Teamwork

figure skating fail going down with me - winter sports fails

I guess she was like, if I’m going down buddy, you’re going down.


17. Epic Hockey Choke

patrick stefan empty net fail - winter sports fails

Despite the fact that they now play it outdoors in Los Angeles, hockey is still technically a winter sport. So we had to include Patrick Stefan’s whiffing on the open net. It’s an all-time NHL classic.


16. More Amateur Freestyle Skiing

freestyle skiing fail 2 - winter sports fails

See, it’s funny because his skis get stuck in the snow.


15. Semi-Pro Freestyle Skiing Fail

norwegian-skier-ski-jump-fail too much air - winter sports fails

This guy thought he was finally ready for some really big air.

He was really wrong.


14. Lose Something?

ski jump without skis - winter sports fails

I’m pretty sure this is fake. The dude rotates about eight times, and I’m pretty sure those skis never come down. It’s still funny, though.


13. Nighttime Skiing Fail

skiing-fail-at-night - winter sports fails

For future reference, fences are not meant to be jumped over on skis.


12. Why'd the skier cross the road?

skiing crash - winter sports fails

To plow face-first into a snowbank.


11. Whoops

halak puts puck in own goal - winter sports fails

What can I say? Sometimes a goalie thinks the competition isn’t fair, so he swats the puck into his own goal to cut the other guys some slack.


10. Mind of Its Own

out of control ski - winter sports fails

Wait for it…wait for it…wait for it…and…there.

You gotta love the possessed renegade ski.


9. Holy S#%&

pairs figure skating fall - winter sports fails

I don’t know who this is or what it’s from, but I assume this woman is deceased.

Nah, I’m kidding! I’m sure she’s totally fine. Maybe.

(Alright, I found the video. She for sure lived.)


8. Ill-Conceived

skier tries jackas stunt pulled by car - winter sports fails

In retrospect, Jeffrey realized that having a car pull him along the snow-covered road on skis was probably not a good idea.


7. Downhill Grocery Cart Skiing Fail

shopping cart ski jump fat suit fail - winter sports fails

Downhill grocery cart skiing is pretty amazing, but obviously it’s the sumo suits that make this one special.


6. Ski Jumping Fail

ski jumping fail - winter sports fails

I guess it was especially windy that day? I have no idea. I mean, what could be so hard about shooting off a huge ramp on skis and then sailing a hundred feet through the air like a flying squirrel?


5. Collision Course

slalom skier crashed into official - winter sports fails

Wrong place, wrong time. Really, pretty much nothing right, here.


4. Total Non-Starter

cross country ski fal - winter sports fails

Gross country skiing is really hard. I’ve done it.

That being said, it’s not that hard.


3. Wardrobe Malfunction

bobsled wardrobe malfunction - winter sports fails

In the immortal words of the great Sisqo, “Baaaaa-beeee-eeee, that thong, tha-tha-tha-thong!”


2. Equipment Failure

aerial freestyle ski jump fail - winter sports fails

It looks like somebody forget to fasten the skis to the boots. That’s kind of a major oversight.


1. The Piledriver

figure skating pile driver - winter sports fails

In pairs figure skating it’s generally the men who lift the women. Because getting a piledriver on ice really, really hurts.