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The 25 Funniest Broncos Super Bowl Memes

by: Esteban On  Tuesday, February 4, 2014

funniest best broncos super bowl memes

Just as soon as the Seahawks were done thrashing the poor Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII—or probably before—the internet got to work making  memes for people to post on their Facebook timelines, just like it always does. Of course, many of these memes are stupid, and some of them are just Bronco-themed takes on memes that have been going around for years. But others are really funny, and today we’re going to take a look at those.

So, are you ready to have a good laugh at Peyton Manning, the Broncos, and the city of Denver? Yeah, me too. Let’s get started then, shall we?


25. The Happy African Kids Meme

25 bronco shirts are coming - broncos super bowl commercials

Every year somebody makes this one. Get it? They always donate all the championship gear for the losing team to kids in Africa who don’t know what the NFL even is. It’s an old and tired joke, but deep down still kind of funny.


24. The Self-Referential Happy African Kids Meme

24 bunch of memes championship t-shirts - broncos super bowl commercials

Of course, I like this one better. A meme about a meme. That’s so meta.


23. Disappointed Eli

23 that aint how you do it eli manning - broncos super bowl memes

People can make fun of Eli’s terrible season all they want, but the dude does have two Super Bowl rings to Peyton’s one. So…


22. Tebow Saves

22 tebow only person who can save broncos - broncos super bowl commercials

Tim Tebow may have given up on the NFL, but NFL fans haven’t given up on him. As long as he’s not out there proving that he sucks, he’ll always be the great unknown.


21. Ace Ventura

21 broncos defense - broncos super bowl commercials

Actually, I think a bunch of crazy guys in tutus might have played a little better.


20. The Price You Pay

sad broncos fan meme

Seriously, right? I know some guys from college who went to New Orleans on the spur of the moment last year and scalped tickets. They were Niners fans.


19. Shocked Mayweather

19 marweather super bowl reaction - broncos super bowl commercials

Okay fine. Floyd Mayweather Jr. didn’t really bet $10.4 million on the Broncos. But it’s still funny.


18. The Fixer

18 please fix this - broncos super bowl memes

Also, my husband used to play for the Raiders, so fix your own sh%#.

(This one is a reference to TV show The Fixer, which stars Kerry Washington, who is married to Nnamdi Asomugha…in case you didn’t know.)


17. Not Sure If...Part 1

17 flag football team - broncos super bowl commercials

They certainly went about tackling Jermaine Kearse like a flag football team.


16. Not Sure If...Part 2

16 not sure if - broncos super bowl commercials

It’s funny because it’s true.


15. Last Great Run

15 last great run by a bronco

Funny, yes. But in fairness, Terrell Davis was the MVP of Super Bowl XXXII…in 1998.


14. O.J.'s Bronco

14 seahawks chasing oj bronco - broncos super bowl commercials

Also funny—except if the actual Seahawks would have caught him.


13. Disappointing White Bronco

13 slow white bronco - broncos super bowl commercials

Now there’s an O.J. Simpson/white Bronco reference that works.


12. Damnit, Eli

12 put dad on the phone

Why? Your dad doesn’t have two Super Bowl rings.


11. Only Weird If It Doesn't Work

11 get your ass back in the basement - suepr bowl broncos mems

Get it? It’s the guy from the Bud Light commercial about superstitious football fans. I’d explain more, but if you don’t know the commercial this one is just not going to be funny, so there’s no point.


10. Haha Knicks Suck

10 colors in new york - broncos super bowl commercials

Poor Knicks be like, hey guys, leave us out of this.


9. Mommy!

9 mom can you come get me - broncos super bowl commercials

Hey, there’s no shame in wanting your mommy.

No, I’m just kidding. There totally is.


8. Seeking Advice

8 how do you win super bowls - broncos super bowl commercials

“Play the Patriots?”


7. Denver Offense Is a Killer

7 waiting score broncos to score - broncos super bowl commercials

So true. I had wondered off to the kitchen for another bowl of chili when the Broncos scored their touchdown. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I came back to the tube.


6. Can't Even Quit Right

6 throw in the towel - broncos super bowl commercials

Yeah, intercepted it, ran it back for a touchdown, then used it to wipe all the champagne off the Lombardi trophy. 

5. So You're Telling Me...

5 so you're tellimg me two best teams in nfl - broncos super bowl commercials

What can I say? The incredulous little African kid just never gets old.


4. Homer Simpson FTW

4 homer simpson - broncos super bowl commercials

A shocking turn considering this guy used to own the Denver Broncos…


3. Somebody Turn Out the Lights

3 guy who turned out the lights - broncos super bowl commercials

“I don’t want to stop the losing. I just don’t want to see it.”


2. Bruno Burn

2 bruno-mars-spent-more-time-on-the-field-than-peyton-manning - broncos super bowl commercials

Well, Peyton actually had the ball for 28:07, which is about twice as long. But you get the point.


1. Peyton Wonder

1 peyton manning stevie wonder - broncos super bowl commercials

So wrong, and yet so very right. I bet if somebody explained this image to Stevie Wonder he’d find it funny, too.