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27 Best #Sochiproblems Tweets and Memes

by: Esteban On  Monday, February 10, 2014

best sochiproblems tweets and memes

Last week, when members of the western media began to arrive Sochi and complain about the shabby state of their accommodations at the 2014 Winter Olympics, a 20-year-old journalism student from Ontario named Alex Broad thought of a great idea for a funny Twitter handle. Pretty soon @SochiProblems was born. Broad started collecting all the complaints and funny tweets all in one place, and almost overnight the kid had acquired 339K followers and started a meme. Now people with those little blue checkmarks next to their name are watching to see what he says, and “reputable” news sources are tweeting stories with the #sochiproblems hashtag.

What a world we live in, right?

Anyway,  in case you missed this whole thing blow up out of nowhere—and if you blinked, it was easy to miss—today we’re going to get you all caught up with this list of the best #sochiproblems tweets and memes anybody has seen so far. Most of them have been tweeted or retweeted by @SochiProblems at one point. However, in an attempt to make sure all the hilarious fails you’re about to see are legitimate and not just internet hoaxes (like these), I tracked down the original source of the tweets and confirmed that the people who issued them are actually in Sochi.



27. Just Painting the Lawn

27 sochi painting grass before olympics - sochiproblems

Grass always greener on the other side? Just paint it.


26. Sochi Fitness

26 fitness center at gorcki hotel - sochiproblems

Hey, why not? Probably not great for cardio, but you’d probably get a nice core workout.


25. Pavement Issues

25 incomplete sidewalk sochi - sochiproblems

In fairness, it does look like this guy (an Austrian journalist) is exaggerating a bit. That looks more like a parking lot than a street. But  yes, it is not quite ready.


24. Coatrack Dispensary

24 sochi coat rack tweet - sochiproblems

But hey, those are nice coatracks.


23. Sochi Wifi

23 sochi internet hanging from wall - sochiproblems

What? This is how my router is set up. Works totally fine.


22. The Toilet Hose

22 cathal kelly tweet fire hose next to toilet - sochiproblems

That’s not a fire hose. That’s a Russian bidet.

(Also, Cathal Kelly is a fantastic sports writer. You should follow him.)


21. Good Luck, Paralympians

21 wheelchair sign - sochiproblems

After Sochi is done hosting the XXII Olympic Winter Games it has a couple of weeks to turn around and get ready for the XI Paralympic Winter Games. So that should be interesting.


20. Norton Burn

20 norton shower privacy

Responding to some of the complaints about accommodations, Dmitry Kozak, deputy prime minister responsible for Olympic preparations, said “we have surveillance video from the hotels that shows people turn on the shower, direct the nozzle at the wall and then leave the room for the whole day”—to which the world responded, “say what now?”

Anyway, that’s what this burn from Norton’s official Twitter feed is about.


19. Another Norton Burn

19 norton richard engel meme

And this Norton burn is about the claims by NBC News chief foreign correspondent’s claims that his phone was hacked.

Who knew an anti-virus software company could have such a great sense of humor?


18. Last-Minute Landscaping

18 constructino five hours before opening ceremonies - sochiproblems

Hurry up, you guys, everyone is going to be here soon.


17. No Massage for You

17 massage chair sign - sochiproblems

Based on the fact that this sign is in perfect English, I’ll admit that it very well could be a fake. It’s still pretty funny.

(Also, are those beanbag chairs?)


16. Missing Something

16 urinals with no pipes - sochiproblems

Whatever, dude. Somebody else’s problem. Just do your business.


15. Electrical Plumping

15 wires in shower - sochiproblems

It’s actually common practice to attach grounding wires to pipes. However—and I’m no plumbing expert—but I don’t think you usually do it in the shower.


14. The New Olympic Rings

14 sochi tp meme

What can I say? To some Sochi 2014 will forever be known as the Olympics where they didn’t have enough toilet seats.


13. Astros Burn!

13 sochi problems meme

So random, and yet so funny because so true.

Well done, internet.


12. Trolling at Walmart

12 sochi problems coke display walmart

Funny, yes. But then again, we’re the ones who make ourselves obese by drinking hundreds of gallons of carbonated high fructose corn syrup-water ever year.


11. Official Soci Problems T-Shirt?

11 sochie problems t-shirt

This is totally real. Buy it here. Proceeds supposedly go to charity.


10. The Double Toilets

10 sochi dual toilets - sochiproblems

Ah yes, the famous double toilets—the original #sochiproblem.


9. Clorox Trolling

9 clorox trolling russia - sochiproblems

I’ve always said Clorox is the funniest bleach in the world.


8. The Black Market

8 steve politi sochi shower curtain trolling - sochiproblems

This Star-Ledger reporter tweeted this before he headed over to Sochi to cover men’s hockey. If anyone in Jersey sees him driving around in a new Escalade this spring, you’ll know why.


7. Dangerous Face Water

7 stacy st. clair water tweet - sochiproblems

The hotel warned her not to use the water because it might burn her skin, and I’m assuming she listened.


6. Open Manholes

6 manhole tweet - sochiproblems

The great Stephen Colbert said it best: for a country so worried about homosexuality, you would think they’d have taken the time to cover up all the manholes.


5. Bathroom Privacy

5 steph stricklen mirror ceilings in sochi bathroom - sochiproblems

Good news: some of the bathrooms do have stalls.

Bad news: those bathrooms have mirror ceilings.


4. Strict Toilet Rules

4 sebastien toutant sochi toilet rules - sochiproblems

This is apparently real, but it has to be a joke. With gin going for just $6/liter in their country, Russians have to puke somewhere?


3. Bathroom Break

3 johnny quinn bathroom break tweet - sochiproblems

Every dark cloud has a silver lining. The advantage to shoddy construction of Sochi facilities? It’s easy to break out when you get locked int he bathroom.


2. Weak Plumping

2 greg wyshynski toilet paper tweet - sochiproblems

Yep, that’s the worst thing ever.


1. Okay, Good Point

1 cartoon western media obsessed with toilets - sochiproblems

As much as I love all the #sochiproblems, this is also true and hilarious. If you’re gonna be a hater you’d better own it.