Brazil’s Chubby Ronaldo Still Has Some Pretty Wicked Moves (GIF)

ronaldo still got it

At 37 years of age, legendary Brazilian striker Ronaldo is at least 10 years past his prime and about 30 pounds overweight. However, while the body may slow (and in his case, get bigger), the instincts and muscle memory remain. So does Ronaldo, the 3x FIFA World Player of the Year-turned-portly retiree, still have some moves? Yeah, he does. And he put them on display recently at the 11th annual “Match Against Poverty,” a charity event he puts on with the older but decidedly more fit Zinedine Zidane.

This year Ronaldo, Zidane & Friends took on BSC Young Boys, which is a real professional soccer club from Switzerland and not some sort of youth group. But Young Boys quickly learned that fat Ronaldo can still shake and bake.

Take a look:

chubby ronaldo still has moves

Final score: Team Ronaldo/Zidane 8, Young Boys 6.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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