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25 Insanely Hot Female Athletes You Should Be Following on Instagram

by: Esteban On  Wednesday, March 5, 2014

hottest female athletes instagram

First came Facebook, which allowed us to tell everyone we know what we’re thinking. After that came Twitter, which allowed us to do pretty much the exact same thing, only in fewer words.  Then, finally, came Instagram, which just got rid of words altogether and focused on only thing anybody really cared about anyway: pictures.

Today there are over 150 million people on Instagram. Most of them are regular people posting square pictures of coffee foam, sepia-tinted dogs, and over-saturated sunsets. However, some of them are ridiculously good-looking female athletes posting pictures of themselves being athletic and/or ridiculously good-looking. And today we’re going to take a little tour of that demographic.

Not an Instagram user? That’s okay. You can still look at the list.

That being said, by the time you’re done looking you probably will be an Instagram user. I mean, you see that picture up there, right?


25. Lolo Jones

lolo jones - hot female athltes instagram

Now that the Olympics are over the media won’t be talking about 31-year-old Lolo Jones. Luckily she’s a pretty frequent Instagram user, so we’ll all be able to keep in touch.



24. Sage Erickson

sage erickson - hot female athltes instagram

Sage Kotsenburg is a snowboarder and a dude. Sage Erickson is a surfer and a chick. A really, really hot chick. You would not regret following her on Instagram.



23. Allyson Felix

allyson felix - hot female athltes instagram

Even when she’s just chilling on the beach in the Bahamas, Allyson Felix likes to remind us that she is one of the greatest female athletes on the planet.



22. Anna Rawson

anna rawson - hot female athltes instagram

Australia’s Anna Rawson played three seasons on the LPGA. She never won a tournament and had just one top 10, but that still qualifies her for this list.

Oh, also, she’s a model.



21. Angela Rypien

angela rypien - hot female athltes instagram

Let’s not forget that the Mark Rypien’s hot daughter is also a quarterback…in the LFL. Follow her on Instagram to keep abreast of her career. (And yes, the LFL still exists. I think.)



20. Laura Robson

laura robson - hot female athltes instagram

This 20-year-old British tennis player is ranked No. 56 in the world (at time of writing) and has never gotten past the 4th round at a grand slam event. However, she did win a silver medal on home soil at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Sure, it was mixed doubles. But an Olympic medal is an Olympic medal.



19. Lindsey Vonn

lindsey vonn - hot female athltes instagram

Not only is Lindsey Vonn gorgeous, but her Instagram feed is pleasantly devoid of photos that will remind you she is dating Tiger Woods. Of course, there are a couple of Tiger pics here and there, but it’s most just her working out.



18. Stephanie Rice

stephanie rice - hot female athltes instagram

The best thing about Stephanie Rice’s Instagram account? She doesn’t just post hot photos of herself. (You remember this one, right?) She also posts photos of other women she thinks are hot…which is very considerate.



17. Ronda Rousey

ronda rousey - hot female athltes instagram

This is what you think of when you think of the UFC, right?



16. Miesha Tate

miesha tate - hot female athltes instagram

Seriously, though, just in case you haven’t ever seen a women’s UFC fight, this is not what they wear.



15. Tiffany Suarez

tiffany suarez - hot female athltes instagram

UVA’s Tiffany Suarez is not the best players in women’s college basketball. This year she is averaging just three points in 13 minutes per game. However, I’m pretty sure she’s the hottest.



14. Kaylyn Kyle

kaylyn kyle

Meet Canadian soccer player Kaylyn Kyle. Her creatively spelled name may be a copy editors worst nightmare (thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Kyle!), but holy hell is she fine.



13. Ellen Hoog

ellen hoog - hot female athltes instagram

Ellen who? Ellen Hoog—Dutch field hockey gold medalist…and, of course, model. Follow her and become a big fan of field hockey.



12. Julia Mancuso

julia mancuso - hot female athltes instagram

Julia Mancuso keeps things real on Instagram, giving fans an inside look at what it’s like to be an elite alpine skier with four Olympic medals on her résumé.

Also, she’s real perdy.



11. Gracie Gold

gracie gold - hot female athltes instagram

Gracie Gold’s Twitter feed is terrible. It’s pretty much run by her sponsors. However, her Instagram feed is another story. If you want to get a sense of what it’s like to be a gorgeous 18-year-old figurer, take a look.



10. Blair O'Neal

blair o'neal - hot female athltes instagram

You’re never going to believe this, but Blair here isn’t just a golfer. She’s also a model!

As for the golf, though, you can see her play on the Symetra Tour, formerly known as the LPGA Futures Tour—i.e., the minor leagues.



9. Meghan Hardin

meghan hardin - hot female athltes instagram

Unlike our last model/golfer, Meghan Hardin here isn’t even on the LPGA Futures Tour. She plays on something called the “Grasshopper Tour,” which the internet tells me is actually a pro tour.

In any case, as you can see, Meghan is extremely attractive.



8.Sloane Stephens

sloane stephens - hot female athltes instagram

Sloane Stephens probably isn’t going to take over for Serena Williams as the torch-bearer of American women’s tennis the way people predicted—in part because she’s probably not as good as Serena, and in part because Serena doesn’t look like she’s quitting any time soon. That being said, she is ranked 12th in the world…and she’s gorgeous.



7. McKayla Maroney

mckayla maroney - hot female athltes instagram

Yep, the “not impressed” girl from the 2012 Summer Olympics is 18 now, which means it’s no longer pervy if you follow her on Instagram.



6. Paula Creamer

paula creamer - hot female athltes instagram

There’s a reason Paula Creamer is the most popular woman on the LPGA Tour, and it’s not just because she’s both hot and good. People also just love her personality, and that definitely shines through in her Instagram feed.



5. Michelle Jenneke

michelle jenneke - hot female athltes instagram

I have no idea if Michelle Jenneke is going to make it as an Olympic hurdler. However, she’s definitely comfortable with being a professional “hot internet chick.”



4. Sydney Leroux

sydney leroux - hot female athltes instagram

You probably knew U.S. soccer player Sydney Leroux was hot. But did you know she was this hot?

Of course, at this point some of you might be wondering whether we’ll see Sydney’s bff Alex Morgan on this list, and the answer is no. While Alex is extremely attractive, she hardly ever posts on her Instagram account, so there’s really no point following here.



3. Anastasia Ashley

anastasia ashley - hot female athltes instagram

If you think her photos are great, you should see a video pro surfer Anastasia Ashley’s warmup routine.



2. Alana Blanchard

alana blanchard - hot female athltes instagram

FYI, Anastasia Ashley is not the only insanely hot pro surfer/bikini model. Alana Blanchard of the ASP World Tour is pretty okay, too.



1. Leryn Franco

leryn franco - hot female athltes instagram

Last and the furthest thing possible from least, we have Paraguayan Olympic javelin thrower Leryn Franco. We alerted you to the awesomeness of her Instagram feed just last week, which is how the idea for this list came about. If anyone can convince you to sign up for Instagram, it’s her.