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31 Best Shaq GIFs in the History of Shaq GIFs

by: Esteban On  Friday, March 7, 2014
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Shaq GIFs (Shaquille O'Neal GIFs)

I don’t know if Shaquille Rashaun O’Neal has ever taught me a single thing about the game of basketball in his role as “studio analyst” for NBA on TNT, and I do not care. Shaq was not hired for his insightful observations or his ability to break down a team’s dribble drive motion offense. He was hired to be goofy, and that’s exactly what he does better than anyone else in sports broadcasting.

Today, as a tribute to the greatest 7’1″ 350-pound rapper the world has ever known, I present to you the 31 best Shaq GIFs you will ever see…at least until the next time he does something insane. 

Please, enjoy.


31. Singing Shaq

31 shaq face - shaq gifs

Be careful. If you look at this for too long you will get hypnotized.


30. Motion Capture Shaq

30 shaq motion capture suit - shaq gifs

Everyone thinks Andy Serkis provided the motion-capture for Gollum in The Lord of the Rings, but it was actually the Big Aristotle.


29. Bird Hands Shaq

29 shaq bird hands - shaq gifs

I have no idea how or when this whole “birdman” dance thing started, but the guy does it pretty much every week.


28. Bird Hands Shaq, with Birdman

28 shaq birdman bird hands - shaq gifs

At least here it makes sense, since that is Chris “Birdman” Andersen.


27. Ladies Man Shaq

27 shaq call me maybe - shaq gifs

How could any woman on earth resist that?


26. Dancing Shaq

26 shaq happy dance - shaq gifs

How fun would it be to hit the clubs with this guy?


25. Angry Shaq

24 shaq going after barkley - shaq gifs

How many regular-sized humans does it take to hold back one Shaquille O’Neal? I’m going to say at least four.


24. Marching Band Shaq

23 shaq-bangs-cymbals-in-charles-barkley-face - shaq gifs

Obviously, not much has changed over the years. Shaq and Sir Charles still get along famously.


23. Commando Shaq

22 shaq crawling - shaq gifs

Later in his career Shaq probably played a little too much Call of Duty.


22. Underbite Shaq

shaq and ernie - shaq gifs

Just Shaq and Ernie Johnson, hanging out like bros.


21. Drummer Shaq

shaq drumming - shaq gifs

Maybe some day Shaq can fill as the drummer for The Roots?


20. Facepalm Shaq

shaq finally gets it - shaq gifs

This is Shaq when somebody finally explained to him that the little kind in Sixth Sense was actually dead the whole time.


19. Piggy Back Shaq

shaq carried by girlfriend - shaq gifs

Shaq’s (former? current?) girlfriend Nicole Alexander may be one quarter of his size, but damn is she strong.


18. Power Wheels Shaq

shaq driving tiny car - shaq gifs

This is also what it would look like if Shaq bought a Smart Car.


17. Ginger-Kissing Shaq

shaq kissing conan - shaq gifs

Obviously, Shaquille O’Neal and Conan O’Brien have a very special bond.


16. Laughing Shaq

shaq laughing press conference - shaq gifs

I don’t know what the question was, but it must have been a good one.


15. Smoke Shaq

shaq wake and bake smoke trick - shaq gifs

Yes, it’s funny, but smoking is bad for you kids.


14. Angler Shaq

shaq fishing - shaq gifs

Okay, screw going to the clubs. I want to go fishing with Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley.


13. Groping Shaq

shaq nipple pinch rut - shaq gifs

Only 20 or 30 men in the world can say they’ve had their nipples caressed by one of the greatest centers to ever play the game of basketball.


12. Barkley Suit Shaq

shaq white suit - shaq gifs

Remember the time Shaq borrowed the suit Morgan Freeman wore to play God in Bruce Almight? That was awesome.


11. Young Dancing Shaq

young shaq dancing - shaq gifs

Until now I never realized how much the young, 19-year-old Shaq looked like Donald Faison.


10. Chicken-Eatin' Shaq

10 shaq eating

Fun fact: Shaq eats a four whole chickens during every commercial break.


9. Barkley Piñata-Eating Shaq

9 shaq-attacking-pinata - shaq gifs

Yep, that’s a Charles Barkley piñata Big Aristotle is going to town on. That’s not weird, right?


8. Dancing Sweater Vest Shaq

8 shaq dancing with conan - shaq gifs

Dancing like Carlton on Fresh Prince? Well, he is wearing a sweater vest, so…


7. Pitchman Shaq

7 shaq lotion - shaq gifs

Shaq loves this lotion.


6. Belly Dancing Shaq

6 shaq tattoo belly dance - shaq gifs

Is she pointing out his tattoos, or just gently caressing his tummy, like some kind of giant 350-pound hairless cat?


5. WTF Shaq

5 shaq weird - shaq gifs

See, here’s Shaq day dreaming about all the chicken he’s going to eat as soon as the segment is over.


4. Kazaam Shaq

4 shaq shazaam - shaq gifs

Remember Kazaam? It was probably the greatest movie about a seven-foot genie of all-time.


3. Deodorant-Loving Shaq

3 shaq deoderant - shaq gifs

Oooo gurl Shaq is ready to get down.


2. Hall of Fame Shaq

2 shaq jordan one on one - shaq gifs

But seriously folks, let’s not forget that Shaq was also freakishly good at basketball.


1. Dunking Shaq

1 shaq dunk - shaq gifs

Seriously, this guy could move.