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Nebraska’s Mike Peltz Proposed to His Girlfriend on Senior Night (Video)

by: Esteban On  Monday, March 10, 2014

mike peltz proposal

Nebraska guard Mike Peltz is not exactly the star of the team. As a senior this year he averaged 4.9 minutes and 0.1 points per game. In fact, he only attempted four field goals all year—none of them from beyond the arc—and made zero. The one lousy point he scored all year was a free-throw.

In short, I could be wrong, but Petlz probably isn’t going to be named to the All-Big Ten team this year. Nevertheless, nobody got a bigger ovation at Nebraska’s senior night on Sunday that Mike Peltz, which is really saying something since the Huskers upset the No. 9 Wisconsin Badgers 77-68.

What did Peltz do to deserve his ovation? Propose to his girlfriend.

Take a look:

From the looks of it, Peltz and his new fiancée already have a kid, so obviously they’re not what you might call old fashioned. Still, I’m sure the future Mrs. Peltz appreciated the gesture. Senior night is a big deal to guys who are never going to play competitive basketball again, and Peltz dedicated his to the (presumed) mother of his child.

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