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by: Esteban On  Tuesday, March 11, 2014

colby college basketball bench celebrations

The Colby College Mules men’s basketball team finished a lowly 8th in the Division III New England Small College Athletic Conference. And as you could probably guess, that was not good enough to qualify for the D-III tournament. However, what the Mules lack in actual basketball talent, they make up for in awesome choreographed bench celebrations.

In fact, when it comes to awesome choreographed bench celebrations, nobody in college hoops does it better than these guys, regardless of division. Whenever one of their teammates on the floor did something good this year, the guys riding the pine busted out a sweet celebration move. Sometimes it was “The Bernie,” and other times it was “El Toro de Tres Puntos.” But it was always fantastic.

Take a look:

These guys may be about the 245th best college basketball team in the country, but if there was an NCAA tournament for bench celebrations, these guys would be a No. 1 seed for sure.

Hat Tip – [College Basketball Talk]