Here’s a Sucker Punch From a Finnish Women’s Basketball Game (GIF + Video)

Finnish Women's Basketball Sucker-Punch

The important thing to remember when witnessing incidents like the one from a Finnish women’s basketball league between Tapiolan Honka forward Shanel Harrison and her opponent Niina Laaksonen, is that they in no way represent the status quo of Finnish women’s basketball. At least, I hope not.

If they do, then remind me not to piss off any Finnish women’s basketball players. It happened during a fast break, and Laaksonen never saw what hit her—but we did, and it was Shanel Harrison. The scariest part of the sucker punch is that Laaksonen is completely laid out by it, and ends up face-down on the court, not moving. According to women’s basketball website Love Women’s Basketball (check them out here), Harrison was fired from Tapiolan Honka for the sucker punch, and hopefully Lassksonen will be okay.

If you’re in the mood for some primo Finnish women’s basketball sucker-punching action, there are two ways for you to see the punch heard around Finland.  There’s video of the whole thing below, and below that there’s a GIF of the sucker punch itself. If you’re reading this at work or in a library, remember to keep your voice down to a whisper as you shout, “DAAAAAAAMN!”

Here’s the video:

Here’s the GIF (via):

Player in Finnish Women's Basketball League Sucker-Punches Opponent

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