Man Breaks World Record 155 Walnuts With Head (Video)

Man Smashes 155 Walnuts With Head

We were all told as children that everyone has a special talent that sets them apart from everyone else. You might be a great songwriter, or painter, or athlete, as long as you put your mind to it and work hard, stay in school, etc. But that all seems a little pointless somehow, once you realize that Mohammad Rashid‘s special talent is smashing walnuts with his head.

It happened at the 2014 Punjab Youth Festival in Pakistan, where Rashid attempted to break the previous world record for cranial walnut obliteration, held by an American. That previous record was 44 walnuts, and he smashed 155. And this all becomes even more impressive when you find out that it was a speed run, not an endurance test, and he smashed that many walnuts in just 60 seconds.

If you’re well-stocked in aspirin, you can watch Mohammad Rashid’s record-shattering, minute-long, walnut-headbutting spree at the Punjab Youth Festival below. And to any kids who might be reading this, if you study hard, don’t do drugs, and develop an unusually tough skull from years of hitting things with your head, you might be a world champion one day.

Here’s the video:


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