Cat Makes an Unexpected Appearance During Sexy Yoga Workout (Video)

cat yoga workout

Here’s a story that should appeal to an unusually wide cross-section of people. Do you enjoy watching sexy yoga sessions? Do you like cats? Do you just like pressing “play” on videos and letting them wash over you like a warm, inviting tide? Then you should enjoy this video, which fulfills all of the above pleasures in one 16-second clip.

As with all well-timed incidents that are captured on video, there will probably be people who think this was staged, but it looks pretty authentic to me. First of all, the woman doing yoga seems to have no idea that her camera shot is being interrupted. And secondly, I don’t believe you can coax a cat into doing stuff like this—although, I could be wrong.

Either way, this is a pretty entertaining video, particularly if you fall into one of those aforementioned three categories. And if you’re a part of all three? Buddy, get ready for the ride of your life:

Hat Tip – [theChive]

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