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27 Awesome Ankle-Breaker GIFs

by: Esteban On  Thursday, March 13, 2014

ankle breaker gifs

Dunks are are fun to watch. Anybody who’s ever seen LeBron James show off at practice knows that. However, in it’s simplest, most basic form, a dunk is just a person dropping a ball through a hoop. Anybody who’s seven feet tall can do it, and you see about 10 to 20 dunks every time you watch a basketball game.

But dribbling a basketball and juking a professional athlete so badly that his motor skills fail him and he falls on the ground? That’s a talent only a relatively small number of people in the world possess, and it’s far more rare—which is probably why they gave it such an awesome name: the ankle-breaker.

Today, we’re celebrating the ankle-breaker, the Holy Grail of basketball highlights, with this list of awesome ankle-breaker GIFs. You should probably take a look, because it’s kind of awesome.



27. Elijah Johnson

27 elijah johnson anlke breaker gifs

Okay, so the layup got rejected. But that was still a pretty killer crossover from former KU guard Elijah Johnson.


26. Norris Cole, Part 1

26 norris cole anlke breaker gifs

Norris Cole may not be one of the Miami’s “Big Three,” but the guy gets his fair share of starts at point guard and he definitely has some moves.


25. Norris Cole, Part 2

25 norris cole 2 anlke breaker gifs

Like I just said, Norris Cole has moves.


24. Russell Westbrook

24 russell westbrook anlke breaker gifs

Okay, so the defender tripped a bit on his own teammate. It still counts, though, because he ends up on the ground.


23. John Wall

23 john wall anlke breaker gifs

FYI, John Wall is good at basketball.


22. Nate Britt

nate britt ankle breaker

Meet Tar Heels freshman Nate Britt, ankle assassin.


21. D-Wade

22 dwyane wade anlke breaker gifs

Dwyane doesn’t just break his ankles, he sends him flying 20 feet.


20. Stephon Marbury

21 stephon marbury anlke breaker gifs

This is what happens when a 7’6″ guy (Yao Ming) guards Stephon Marbury.


19. Kobe

20 kobe bryant anlke breaker gifs

Just the Black Mamba working his magic. Nothing to see here.


18. J.R. Smith

19 j.r. smith anlke breaker gifs

When he’s not goofing off, J.R. Smith is pretty good.

Of course, he is playing the Cavaliers, so…


17. Deron Williams

18 deron williams anlke breaker gifs

This is how Deron Williams earns his big fat paycheck.


16. D-Rose

17 derrick rose anlke breaker gifs

Hey, remember this guy? I think his name was Dave or Darryl or something? Anyway, he used to play basketball.


15. The Answer

16 allen iverson anlke breaker gifs

Allen Iverson had the best crossover in the history of basketball.


14. Lance Stephenson

15 lance stephenson anlke breaker gifs

One point for the ankle-breaker, and one point for the post-shot victory stance.


13. Nate Robinson, Part 1

14 nate robinson anlke breaker gifs

Nate Robinson is just 5’9″ tall, and if you want to succeed in the NBA and you’re just 5’9″, you’d better have some slick moves.


12. Nate Robinson, Part 2

13 nate robinson 2 anlke breaker gifs

Obviously, Robinson does have some slick moves. Right, Jose Calderon?


11. Nate Robinson, Part 3

nate robinson ankle breaker

This one isn’t your typical ankle-breaker, but Tiago Splitter still ends up on the ground, so I say it counts.


10. Kyrie Irving

11 kyrie irving breaks thabo sefolosha's ankles anlke breaker gifs

Don’t mess with Uncle Drew. He’ll chop your feet right off.


9. MJ

10 michael jordan on byron russell anlke breaker gifs

Of course, the greatest to ever play the game put a few guys on their butts in his day.


8. Thabo Sefolosha

9 thabo sefolosha anlke breaker gifs

Thabo Sefolosha isn’t exactly a household name, but he took Marcin Gortat (a.k.a. the guy who wants hockey-style fighting in basketball) to school here.


7. Kirk Hinrich

8 kirk hinrich breaks j.j. reddick's ankles jameer nelson makes fun of him anlke breaker gifs

Poor J.J. Reddick got his ankled broken so bad, even his own teammate Jameer Nelson was making fun of him.


6. Tony Skinn

7 NIGERIAN-CROSSOVER anlke breaker gifs

Nigeria may have been clobbered by the Dream Team VI, but at least they got one amazing highlight reel play when Tony Skinn broke James Harden’s ankles.


5. Taking Things Literally

6 literal anlke breaker gifs

I think this is real, guys.


4. Jarrett Jack

5 jarrett jack anlke breaker gifs

Be careful, Jarrett Jack. You break Metta World Peace’s ankles, he breaks your orbital bone with his elbow.


3. Stephen Curry

4 stephen curry anlke breaker gifs

This is why people (including myself) love Stephen Curry. He doesn’t just have a pure jump shot, he’s also got some pretty okay ball handling skills.


2. Jameer Nelson

3 jameer nelson anlke breaker gifs

Someone call a paramedic. Paul Pierce is down.


1. Joe Johnson

1 joe johnson anlke breaker gifs

The best part about Paul Pierce getting traded to the Nets? Now Joe Johnson can only do stuff like this to him in practice.