Minnesota Twins Mascot Catches Ball in Mouth (GIF)

Twins Mascot Catches Ball in Mouth

Sports mascots are often gifted with extraordinary “abilities” that we humans can only dream of.  But usually those same “abilities” are also pretty useless, like doing the Macarena during the 7th inning stretch, or getting into fights with Barney the Purple Dinosaur. However, at a recent spring training game between the Minnesota Twins and the Tampa Bay Rays, the Twins’ mascot T.C. Bear demonstrated a skill that’s actually pretty useful: catching a ball in his mouth.

It was an impressive show of oral dexterity from T.C. Bear, and it would appear from watching the catch that he intended to pull it off from the beginning, meaning this wasn’t some one in a million fluke—it was a real feat of skill. After making the catch, T.C. turns and soaks up the applause of a grateful crowd – that might have been the best catch they saw in the whole game.

You can see T.C. Bear, mascot for the Minnesota Twins, catching a ball in his mouth in the animated GIF below. As for how he managed to get the ball out of his mouth afterward, we can only wonder.

Here’s the catch:

GIF: #Twins mascot catches ball with his oversized mouth.

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