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9 Most Loathsome Coaches Of The NCAA Tournament

by: Esteban On  Friday, March 21, 2014


9 Most Loathsome Coaches Of The NCAA Tournament

A big sporting event is on deck today, so amid all the celebration, excitement, and pride, let’s not forget to do what we do best as sports fans, which is hate things for no particular reason. Well, in the case of some of these NCAA Tournament coaches, there are great reasons to hate them. But not all of them. We’ll get to it soon enough. Here’s a rundown of the most loathsome coaches in the tourney. Try not to snap any pencils while reading this list.

9. Roy Williams – UNC

9. Roy Williams

I will get into this later, but this list should demonstrate that the only real criteria for being hated is leading your team to more success than the team of the people that hate you. And with runs at perennial juggernauts UNC and KU, we’ll kick things off with Roy Williams, a guy who seems to be decent enough, but HIS TEAM WILL BEAT YOUR TEAM SO YOU MUST HATE AND FEAR HIM.

Last year he lost to Kansas, which was probably the first time since he left that Kansas fans weren’t his biggest enemy.

8. Rick Barnes – University of Texas

Oklahoma v Texas

As we’ll see, this list isn’t here to call out the coaches most deserving of hate, but rather, the most hated. And hate, especially in the world of sports, can come from a pretty irrational place. Like detesting the state in which someone works.

While Texas is an easy target for most of the nation on a number of political and social fronts, the University of Texas’ most staunch critics might just be their fans and Board of Regents. As such, when you can’t even get your own people behind you, you’re a good candidate for this list.

Barnes has taken the Horns to the tourney 14 out of 15 years, which is pretty amazing for a football school. However, there’s been only one Final Four appearance (2003), and the boosters and fans for UT don’t have long memories. It might not be projected as much as it is with many others, but if you’re not moving forward in this instance, you’re drawing some ire.

7. Will Brown – Albany

7. Will Brown

I’ll be honest. I don’t know anything about Will Brown. And if you’re being honest, neither do you. However, I just figured that since the hate we lay out on these coaches is so arbitrary and random, I would see if I could get a groundswell movement against #16 Albany (The Great Danes!) coach Will Brown.

Look at him with his…his SUIT…and his…his…his…low seeding in the tournament.

See? You can craft a hateable story around anyone. The fact is that anyone playing your team or standing in your way is eminently hateable, so let it be known that if The Great Danes start raising hell in the tournament, I called the hate out first.

6. Tom Izzo – Michigan St.

6. Tom Izzo

Izzo has done great things with the Spartan program, holding tenure as head coach longer than anyone else in the Big Ten. They look poised for great things this tournament as well. He preaches the fundamentals like toughness, defense, and rebounding.

However, in 2003 he was in charge of the USA Men’s Basketball team for the Pan American Games. The USA placed 4th.

I hate Tom Izzo.

5. Mark Few – Gonzaga

5. Mark Few

Gonzaga occupies a strange slot nowadays, in that they’ve been deemed “underrated” for so long that they’re now beyond “properly rated” and probably into “overrated” territory. Consequently, serious fans hate Few’s crew for what they can do to a bracket with erratic seedings, and casual fans won’t be satisfied with Gonzaga’s performance unless they crash into a mountain, then hike from that mountain to the first round where they win every tourney game by an average margin of 43.

Instead, all eyes turn to Gonzaga and few, where they have underperformed in recent years.

4. Rick Pitino – Louisville

4. Rick Pitino

Rick Pitino is a very inclusion because his perceived transgressions aren’t limited to just one area. People don’t like him because he’s too slick. People don’t like him because he lacks loyalty. People don’t like him because he’s been accused of bending the rules to win (THE GALL!). Basically, people don’t like him unless he’s coaching their team, and then they turn against him after he bails. Which means, right now, the only people that like Pitino are Louisville fans and players…for now.

3. Ben Howland – UCLA

3. Ben Howland

While Ben Howland has shown something of a resurgence this year, his fall from grace after three improving years following his hire have been noteworthy. Before this season, he had gone 56-43 in three seasons and missed the tourney twice. Some coaches’ strengths lie in building programs, and some lie in managing them once built. While the next few seasons and their tourney experience this year will tell, Howland hasn’t established himself as one or the other.

Further, he’s sitting on a program that has only seen glimpses of greatness since it’s heyday with John Wooden. Sure, they had the championship in the 90’s, but when the team is rivaling USC in BASKETBALL, there’s a lot more work to be done in the public’s perception.

2. John Calipari – Kentucky

>2. John Calipari

You’ll notice a trend here. The most widely-hated coaches aren’t coaching for Creighton or Baylor. They’re coaching for big programs with (mostly) storied pasts and current successes. Such is also the case for John Calipari. He’s made the rounds to the Final Four with UMass, and Memphis, and Kentucky, though the former two were vacated due to recruiting scandals.

So, he’s a very successful coach who is accused of breaking the rules. That doesn’t exactly put him in rare air. But, like Pitino and Bob Huggins, Calipari has car salesman hair, which means we hate him until he saves a busload of orphans or something.

1. Mike Krkyjasfdlkjaasdl;kafja – Duke

1. Mike Krzyzewski

Ok. His name’s Mike Krzyzewski. But having to look it up every time I want to write about him is only one of the many things that makes Coach K the most hated man in college basketball. And much of it doesn’t have to do with him. Many argued he breached the sanctity of college basketball with a huge endorsement deal. Many criticize his cussing (really?) and some possible rule breaches as well.

Honestly, though. It boils down to the fact that he coaches Duke. And Duke is just the worst. End of story.