Senators’ Ales Hemsky Dangles Lightning Defense for Awesome Goal (Video)

Ales Hemsky dangle goal

The Ottawa Senators were playing against the Tampa Bay Lightning last night, but it was the Senators’ forward Ales Hemsky who was moving faster than Lightning while maneuvering through their defense during his second period goal.

Like Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan, Hemsky is surrounded by hostile parties and on enemy territory when he managed to make quick work out of all of them. Also like Lee and Chan, you almost need to watch it in slow motion to understand how he even managed it—shuffling the puck between his legs before sinking it in the goal right under Lightning goalie Ben Bishop‘s nose (he looks appropriately distraught afterward).

If you missed Thursday night’s game between the Ottawa Senators and the Tampa Bay Lightning, you can watch what was probably the best part of the game below. And I feel compelled to report that the Lightning ended up beating the Senators 5-4, which means you can enjoy this incredible goal even if you’re a Lightning fan.

Here it is:

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