North Dakota State Goes Crazy After March Madness Upset Against Oklahoma (GIFs + Video)

North Dakota State Celebration

A lot of March Madness brackets are in shambles after more than one upset took place during Thursday’s slate of match-ups, but it looks like one of the beneficiaries of those upsets were more surprised than anyone by their good fortune—if you go by the way they celebrated after the game.

I’m talking about North Dakota State, the #12 ranked team who pulled off an upset victory against the #5 ranked Oklahoma Sooners, and who proceeded to get real crazy in the ensuing celebrations. That includes coach Saul Phillips on the court and the team in the locker room.

If you want to vicariously celebrate the North Dakota Bison’s victory over the Oklahoma Sooners, or if you just like watching college athletes and coaches acting a little bit weird, you can check out both of the aforementioned celebrations in animated GIF form below, plus an Instagram video of that locker room dance for good measure.

Here’s Coach Saul Phillips throwing up the Bison horns:

Saul Phillips celebrate March Madness upset

And here’s the North Dakota State locker room victory dance:

NDSU locker room dance

And here’s that same dance in Instagram form:

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