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9 Athletes Who Sucked On Dancing With The Stars

by: Joseph On  Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Athletes Who Sucked On Dancing With The Stars

9 Athletes Who Sucked On Dancing With The Stars

Being a professional athlete, regardless of sport, requires a few universal qualities. The ability to stand up and perform under pressure, for one. Physical coordination and dexterity are two others. Physical and mental endurance are also important. But being able to dance is not generally considered necessary to succeed in sports.

There’s no greater (or more entertaining) proof of that than these nine athletes who appeared on Dancing with the Stars. Despite being highly skilled at their chosen sports, they folded like lawn chairs (or otherwise embarrassed themselves) when it came time to strut their stuff on the dance floor.

Metta World Peace

You know, it would be really funny/perfect if it turned out Metta World Peace was actually an excellent dancer. But it wasn’t to be, thanks to Metta’s terrible footwork and general dance floor klutzery. And so he ended up being the first celebrity kicked off for his season.

Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor’s reputation in the NFL was one of toughness and brutality, two things that don’t really have a home in the elegant world of professional dancing. With that in mind, it’s actually kind of impressive that LT managed to stick around for as long as he did.

Monica Seles

Tennis legend Monica Seles had a few words of explanation for her unspectacular performance on Dancing with the Stars during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel: “I was definitely at a disadvantage because I have no acting experience and this show is about being a dancer and an actress.” I buy it.

Sugar Ray Leonard

Another example of the Dancing with the Stars trend of boxers not doing well was Sugar Ray Leonard, who made it four weeks into the 12th season of the show. During the time, he distinguished himself with his absolute commitment to shamelessly sucking on the dance floor. To me, that makes him a winner.

Evander Holyfield

Evander Holyfield could be a terrifying presence in the boxing ring, but when he did Uma Thurman’ fingers-over-the-eyes move during his appearance on Dancing with the Stars, it was hard not to laugh.

Chuck Liddell

I would never insult Mr. Liddell’s dancing (or anything else), lest he track me down and beat me up in my home. So I’ll just say that he wasn’t very good on Dancing with the Stars, and that dancing as a skill is really overrated. Please don’t hurt me.

Martina Navratilova

Martina Navratilova is one of the greatest tennis players ever to live, but her performance on Dancing with the Stars was less than stellar. Her stint on the show was characterized by a praiseworthy show of effort, followed by a cringe-worthy first-round elimination.

Clyde Drexler

For whatever reason, the Dancing with the Stars judges hated Clyde Drexler, with Carrie Ann Inaba famously saying he “was the worst dancer in this competition.” He managed to stick it out for four eliminations, though, albeit with some of the lowest scores ever registered on the show.

Sean Avery

Sean Avery is one of the most controversial players in the NHL, but he’s found success involving other interests such as advertising, modeling, and acting. Unfortunately for Avery, dancing wasn’t one of them when he appeared on the show, getting eliminated in the second round, and looking really weird and awkward while doing it.