Lakers’ Nick Young Celebrates Three-Point Miss (GIF)

nick young 3-point miss

Is there anything more embarrassing than throwing up a three-point attempt and raising your arms in celebration as you walk away, only to realize that your shot didn’t actually go in?

Nick Young of the Los Angeles Lakers probably knows the answer to that question after experiencing such during last night’s game against the New York Knicks.  And if you asked me, I’d be willing to bet that Young will tell you there is in fact something more embarrassing that celebrating a missed three-point attempt.  That something would be losing to his lowly Los Angeles Lakers by a score of 127-96, which is exactly what the Knicks did last night.

So congratulations, Nick.  Thanks to the Knicks’, this was only the second-most embarrassing thing from last night’s game:

nickyoung miss three-pointer

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