Latino Kenny Powers is Real, Amazing (Pic)

Latino Kenny Powers

Like most iconic fictional characters, you see a little bit of Kenny Powers in a lot of places. But one intrepid photographer has found someone who embodies Kenny Powers to a much greater extent than you might have even thought possible.

The photo, which you can see up above, shows this “Latino Kenny Powers” doppelganger in line to check out at the grocery store, and every detail is perfect. That includes Kenny’s mullet, his flip-flops, his baggy shorts, and the box of cervezas. After four seasons of Eastbound and Down, it’s good to see that ol’ Kenny is still doing fine.

You can check out the Reddit thread started by the photographer of the world’s greatest Kenny Powers lookalike right here. And keep your eyes out for a Stevie twin—he’s got to be out there somewhere.



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