Jonny Gomes Orders Hyper-Patriotic Blazers for Red Sox White House Visit (Photos)

Last year’s World Series win by the Boston Red Sox is continuing to pay dividends for the franchise, most recently in the form of an invitation to the White House to meet President Obama, as per tradition. But the team’s Jonny Gomes bucked tradition by ordering the team some ultra-patriotic blazers—although whether or not they’ll actually be worn during the visit is still up for debate.

Initial reports claimed that the blazers, which would make Captain America shake his head and say “too much,” were intended for the Red Sox to wear when they meet the president at the White House. But now it seems that they’re just a gift for the team, as well as for President Obama himself (we’ll see if he ever actually wears it in public).

In any case, the eyeball-searing American flag blazers are now in the capable hands of the Boston Red Sox, so we can only wait and see what they’ll do with their tremendous power. For now, you can see a couple of photos in the gallery up top—one with the blazers, and the other with a shipping label that shows one of the very special recipients.



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