11 Most Memorable Moments in the History of MLB Opening Day

mlb opening day memorable moments

The start of any new season, regardless of the sport, brings feelings of joy and optimism for sports fans. However, nothing compares to the magic of MLB’s Opening Day.

You see, the NFL, NBA, and NHL all start in the fall, as the good times of summer fade away and we brace ourselves for winter.  The start of Major League Baseball, on the other hand, coincides with the beginning of spring. For that reason, over the years the return of baseball has come to mean more than just the return of home runs and double-plays. In the minds of baseball fans, it has come to mean the end of winter. And I venture to guess that this year, given all those damned polar vortices that swept wreaked havoc across North America, the end of winter and the start of baseball has never sounded better.

So today, as teams around Major League Baseball celebrate the star of another season with ceremonial first pitches, pre game ceremonies, and plenty of patriotic red, white, and blue bunting, we thought we’d celebrate with this list of the most memorable Opening Day moments of all time.

Will Opening Day 2014 produce another one? You never know—and that’s the beauty of it.


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