Goliath Finally Beats David in This Rugby Hit (Video)

Rugby Hit

Sports narratives are dominated by the idea that anybody who puts the work in can beat anybody else.  It’s a crucial part of the thrill of competition, but it can also get a little dull, so sometimes it’s nice to see some big guy just clobber a little guy. And what better sport to see that than rugby, football’s bigger and meaner cousin?

This particular example of Goliath triumphing over David comes from the Brisbane Premier Rugby league, during a match between the University of Queensland and Sunnybank. It happens as the smaller player is attempting to rush past Kieran FitzGibbon, who is one of those “immovable objects” you may have read about. The little guy gets flattened, and continues to writhe on the ground for a good 20 or 25 seconds after the collision.

You can see this incredible rugby hit by Kieran FitzGibbon in the video below. Score another one for the big guys.

Here’s the video:

Hat Tip – [The Big Lead]



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