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30 GIFS that Capture the Madness of the 2014 NCAA Tournament

by: Esteban On  Thursday, April 3, 2014

2014 march madness gifs

The 2014 NCAA Tournament is not over yet. The Final Four goes down on Saturday, with the National Championship game scheduled for Monday. However, unlike just about every other major sports tournament on earth, with this one the final rounds are an afterthought. It’s the utter madness of the first week, with all the upsets and crazy finishes, that everyone loves. So is it premature to take a look back at March Madness 2014? Nope. The champion has yet to be crowned, but the best part is over. Let’s reminisce, then, shall we?


30. Gator Buzzer-Beater

30 florida scottie wilbekin first half buzzer-beater - march madness 2014 gifs

Sure, it was only the end of a the first half. But a gorgeous buzzer-beater is a gorgeous buzzer-beater. Besides, Albany stayed right there with Florida in the opening round, and this shot gave the Gators the momentum they needed to avoid becoming the first ever 1-16 upset.


29. Cleanthony Early: Good at Basketball

29 cleanthony early dunk - march madness 2014 gifs

The Wichita State Shockers may not have escaped the Bracket of Death, losing to Kentucky’s Final Four-bound fab five in round two. But it was one of the best games of the tournament, and the Shockers—behind Cleanthony Early—proved without a doubt that they were the real deal.


28. Go Cardinals!

28 louisville cheerleader - march madness 2014 gifs

Until I saw this, I actually had no idea what a huge Louisville fan I was. 


27. Ref Springs Into Action

27 oregon technical on wisconsin ref reaction- march madness 2014 gifs

Look at those cat-like reflexes from the portly little man in the zebra shirt! I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets recruited by the WWE.


26. The One-Handed Free Throw

26 tony wroblicky american eagles one-handed free throw - march madness 2014 gifs

Some people may mock American University’s Tony Wroblicky’s unique approach to free throws, but you can’t argue with success. This 6’10″ center shot 72% from the line this year for the Eagles.

Besides, it could be worse. At least he’s not wearing short shorts and lobbing the ball up there underhanded.

25. The Longhorn Reaction

25 texas buzzer beater texas bench reaction - march madness 2014 gifs

Let’s see if you can guess how the Texas-Arizona State game ended simply by looking at the reaction of the two benches.

Here is Texas…


24. The Sun Devil Reaction

24 texas buzzer beater arizona state reaction - march madness 2014 gifs

…and here is Arizaona State.

So, your guess?


23. Longhorn Buzzer-Beater

23 texas buzzer beater over az state - march madness 2014 gifs

Elation for Texas, dejection for Arizona State.

Man I love March Madness.


22. Wiggins Alley-Oop

22 wiggins alley-oop - march madness 2014 gifs

Andrew Wiggins and Kansas didn’t just didn’t have it against Stanford in the second round, but they certainly looked like a potent #2 against Eastern Kentucky in the opening round.


21. Phil Martelli's Adorable Grandson

21 phil martelli grandson 2 - march madness 2014 gifs

I’m pretty sure they don’t have an award for “Cutest Kids of the NCAA Tournament,” but if they did little Philip Stephen Martelli would get it. Even I think he’s adorable, and I’m a curmudgeon.


20. Shabazz Napier Layup

20 shabazz napier uconn bucket - march madness 2014 gifs

Trying to figure out how UConn made it to the final four? Well, Shabazz Napier is a pretty good place to start.


19. Rim Shot

19 wisconsin-oregon ball stuck - march madness 2014 gifs

I hate it when that happens.

Of course, when I play basketball I have to go and get a broom stick to get the ball down, so it’s much more inconvenient.



18. Cinderella Dances

18 dayton celebration - march madness 2014 gifs

The Dayton Flyers didn’t make it to the Final Four, but their trip to the Elite Eight makes them the official Cinderella of the 2014 NCAA Tournament.


17. Baylor Mobs Craig Sager

17 saeger baylor - march madness 2014 gifs

Baylor beat Nebraska in the first round, then routed Creighton to reach the Elite Eight.

So yeah, they were excited.


16. Upset Dance

16 mercer celebration - march madness 2014 gifs

This is the appropriate reaction when your #14 seed knocks off #3 Duke in the first round.


15. UConn's Bench Celebration

15 uconn bench celebration - march madness 2014 gifs

If Shabazz Napier isn’t the reason UConn finds itself in the Final Four, maybe it’s the mojo they create with their unique bench celebration.


14. Michigan's Happy Dance

14 michigan celebration dance - march madness 2014 gifs

I’m surprised the Michigan boys had the energy to outlast the Volunteers, given the enthusiasm with which their bench was celebrating three pointers midway through the first half.


13. Enthusiastic Wolverine Dad

13 michigan dad dancing in stands - march madness 2014 gifs

Now this guy knows how to party.


12. Demonic UConn Band Guy

12 uconn superfans - march madness 2014 gifs

Does this guy even play an instrument, or does he just beat his chest?


11. Baylor Bro

11 baylor bro - march madness 2014 gifs

Behold, the mating dance of the Baylor frat guy.


10. Wisconsin Bros

10 wisconsin fans - march madness 2014 gifs

Where does one procure overalls such as these? Seriously, I want to know.


9. Rock Chalk Sad Hawk

9 crying kansas fan - march madness 2014 gifs

I think every sports fan feels this kid’s pain, right? 

8. Disgusted Wolverine Cheerleader

8 michigan cheerleader reaction - march madness 2014 gifs

Either the girl sitting next to her really let one rip, or this Michigan cheerleader did not enjoy what she just saw.


7. Saul Phillips Is So Metal

7 saul phillips north dakota state coach celebration - march madness 2014 gifs

North Dakota State coach Saul Phillips may where a suit and tie for work, but when #12 North Dakota State beat the Sooners, he showed he’s actually pure rock ‘n’ roll.


6. Mercer's Trick Play

6 mercer inbound play - march madness 2014 gifs

With this ridiculous inbound trick play against Duke, Mercer basically sealed the biggest upset of the tournament.


5. Epic Alley-Oop, Angle One

5 oregon 60-foot alley-oop 1 - march madness 2014 gifs

And the award for “Best Play That Didn’t Even Count” goes to…Richard Amardi of the Oregon Ducks.

In fact, this one’s so good, lets take another look…


4. Epic Alley-Oop, Angle Two

4 oregon 60-foot alley-oop 2 - march madness 2014 gifs

Just a 60-foot alley-oop. No big deal.


3. Assist of the Year

3 uconn assist of the year - march madness 2014 gifs

Shabazz Napier is good, but Ryan Boatright had the assist of the tournament. That’s some Magic Johnson sh*t.


2. UNC Videobomber

2 fuck duke videobomber - march madness 2014 gifs

This has to be one of the best videobombs of all time.


1. The Stanford Cowbell Guy

1 stanford cowbell guy 1 - march madness 2014 gifs

Apparently the cowbell guy in the Stanford pep band was drunk.

March madness indeed.