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Paulina Gretzky’s ‘Golf Digest’ Cover Remade by Middle-Aged Men (Photo)

by: Joseph On  Tuesday, April 8, 2014
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Cy Cyr's Golf Digest Parody

Paulina Gretzky‘s cover for the most recent issue of Golf Digest made a lot of people angry, since Paulina isn’t actually, you know, a golfer.  But one man who’s not all that angry with the cover is Orlando photographer Cy Cyr.  You see, instead of getting mad, he got inspired.

That inspiration took the form of asking nine friends and acquaintances (all of whom happen to be middle-aged white men) to reenact Paulina Gretzky’s now infamous cover photo for Golf Digest. The result (which you can see up top) is predictably hilarious, and it also makes an already absurd situation even sillier, which in my experience is usually a good thing.

Cy Cyr’s inspiration also comes from his admiration for the original picture’s photographer, Walter Iooss. According to Cyr, Iooss is his “photography idol,” so this made a pretty natural homage.

For Cy Cyr’s full account of his Paulina Gretzky Golf Digest cover parody, as well as a full rundown of who exactly the models in the pictures are, head to his official website here.