Drake Will Host This Year’s ESPY Awards

Drake Hosting ESPY Awards

The ESPY gods have sent their proclamation down through the heavens and into the ears of their mortal prophets, and this year’s ESPY Awards host has been chosen.  It’s Drake, who has been making waves in the sports world recently, and now he’ll get to show off his good-natured ribbing skills at the awards.

The announcement was made via Twitter, by both the ESPY Twitter account (yes, the ESPY Awards have a Twitter account) and Drake himself. Of the two announcements, Drake’s is by far the best, since it includes a golf-related parody album cover.

Check it out:

And here’s the announcement from the ESPY Twitter account:

This won’t be Drake’s first television hosting gig, having already appeared as a guest host on Saturday Night Live earlier this year. But SNL tends to buttress its hosts with its cast, while at the ESPYs, Drake will pretty much be carrying the show on his own.

It will be interesting to see how he does.  Find out by tuning into the 2014 ESPY Awards on July 16th.





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